A Project List (Of Sorts)

ideas and list

This vacation left me feeling kind of renewed with energy for designing and making. I came back not really with new ideas, but with a hunger for inspiration and to try crocheting some things I’ve had on a sort-of list off and on in my mind and scattered about various notebooks and post-its for a while now. Some of these are just pattern ideas I have, others are playing around with certain crochet methods I just haven’t had much experience with. So I decided to post an actual list here (of at least the things I can think of now; I can always add more) on the blog, to actually have it better pinned down. Maybe I’ll get to some of these in the next few months, maybe I won’t, and this thing’ll be a total fail, haha. Guess we’ll see together.

Here it is –

– try a ribbed waistband for skirt/dress
– try embroidery on crochet!
– play around with mesh style crochet
– kind of related to the above, play around with filet crochet in garments
– make a boxy top design
– make a high low style tank (similar to the hem here) using my fav combo of Caron Simply Soft/N-9.00mm hook/trc

And that’s what I’m listing for now. Some of these have more detailed bits, such as shall I make the boxy top in two pieces and put together, perhaps adding sleeves, or do I want to make it in one piece, simply seaming up the sides and adding sleeves? Really I want to do both. :)

I’m wanting to play around with a few new jewelry ideas I’ve got, too.

Have a beautiful day!

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