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Overalls: Before

overalls 1

Oh, how I love overalls. Comfy, easy, a little bit different. I’d wound up without any and had been on the lookout for some. These are from Wal-Mart (you’ve seen me wear them here before) and while they are supersoft and comfortable, and the cuffs can be rolled or unrolled, I’ve never really been a fan of pre-distressed denim (It’s particularly annoying on the back pocket of these, seen in the bottom picture). My sister-in-law pointed out that I could patch them with crochet or fabric, and that sold me on them. I’ve had them for a few months, though, and just haven’t given myself the time to work on that, so hopefully soon I’ll have some stuff done to them and I’ll share the changes here.

overalls 2

In the past at different times I’ve had pairs of jeans that I’ve drawn and painted on, worn until they can’t be worn anymore, and I’m thinking these overalls might be my next “hippie jeans,” as friends and family like to call them.

overalls 3

We’ll see what happens with them!

Overalls: L.E.I.
Tank Top: Love To Love
Shoes: Faded Glory

Hope you’re having a beautiful Monday. God bless!

Garden 2014: Update


It’s been a long while since I last did a garden update post. Mainly because the garden got a little (or rather, a lot) out of control. We were sick for several weeks and then went on vacation, and the grass and weeds just grew crazy and took over the garden. Not fun to come back to. We’ve also had a few issues here and there with some of the plants, leading me to have a good bit of anxiety over the garden in general; the garden was so bad at one point I thought about just cutting it down and trying again next year. But thankfully, a few of our friends came and helped clean things up one day, and they did a great job. We’re really grateful to them for helping us get on top of garden things again.

You can see the little plot above still needs a bit more weeding, but considering it was FULL of weeds and grass when we got back from vacation, it’s look so, so much better now. The California Poppies may be one of my new favorite flowers now. They’re just such a lovely color. And the rose bush has actually had a few blooms, which was a nice surprise. The rosemary is looking great, too, and my Maegan, my sister-in-law and the resident plant expert, says it might bloom. Sadly, though, it looks like the Bachelor’s Buttons failed to sprout.


(Please forgive me for the random and vast changes in exposure picture to picture. I’m using a different camera than normal and I also didn’t have much time when I took these pictures.)



Above, you can see Maegan’s row of sunflowers. They’ve been doing well and having those blooms just outside has been lovely. Sunflowers have a way of just making you feel happy. You can see some are a bit droopy, so we might tie them up to keep them from bending over.


We’ve had a few issues with neighbors not being very nice or courtious, and Tanner noticed a couple days ago while he was driving home that someone had broken off all the blooms from the road-facing side of the sunflower row. They even left one just laying on the ground. Frustrating.


This is a little row of hydrangea Maegan got and planted for us. Tanner and some of our friends added the mulch and the border of rocks.


I was most excited about having our own blueberries, but I think they just happened to produce the most fruit when we were away on vacation. A little sad. Since we’ve been back I’ve picked less than a cup of them.


And here’s the raised bed. You can see how especially the tomatoes got a little crazy. More on that in a bit.


Okra is finally growing and it’s looking really good. We did lose one of our okra plants because I accidentally uprooted it while dealing with the overgrowth of grass and weeds. We’re getting plenty of okra from the three remaining plants, though, so it’s not an issue.


When the weed growth was at it’s worst, we had issues with the squash plants getting what we think was wet rot. Since being de-weeded they’ve been doing better again. We have three squash plants now as my friend happened to pull up the sad little one that wasn’t doing too well, anyway, while weeding. Again, we’ve been getting plenty of squash anyway, so it’s not been an issue.


Our cantaloupe has been doing well and Tanner just picked our first one the other day. Although since I’ve gotten older I’m much more a fan of honeydew than cantaloupe, I still enjoy it and we’re excited to try ours and see how it tastes.


Now for our poor tomato plants, although maybe poor isn’t the best word because they’re kind of thriving too much, haha. They got big suddenly and grew like crazy and Tanner and I couldn’t think of any idea why. We’d never seen tomato plants get like this.


Well, the day everyone was over helping us out, Maegan realized why. And it was such a handface, “We’re idiots,” ridiculously hilarious-because-it’s-so-dumb moment. There are these things called suckers that grow on tomato plants, all they are is little side shoot that grow at the base of an already full branch. You’re supposed to remove these. We knew this at the beginning of having our garden but somehow forgot it completely. Oh well. The consolation is that most of the time leaving on the suckers will kill the plant, but ours are doing just fine and we’re getting plenty of fruit from them. So funny.


Our cucumber did really well for a while and we got some really nice fruit from them for several weeks. Although we’re still getting cucumber from the plants, it’s not as much as before and growth is slower with cukes sometimes being funny shapes and not so aesthetically pleasing. We think they might just be getting too dry (our backyard does get full sun most of the day) and Tanner thinks we might have damaged a few during weeding, as well.

Oh, and strawberries kind of got swallowed up in all the overgrowth and the tomatoes, as well, and though they are still producing, they never gave us enough to store any strawberries up or make jams or anything. We’ve also had a few peppers here and there, but they’ve been a little funky shaped, and again we lost a few pepper plants while people were weeding, but we still have plenty left (If you remember, Tanner accidentally got a bit more pepper than we needed.) :)

Also, our little bed around the mailbox still needs to be weeded, but the dianthus there is still looking good.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Project-Styled Outfits

I’ve tried a few little crochet experiments the past couple weeks and I wanted to share them here. (By the way, if you check out my Instagram I sometimes share sneak peeks and work-in-progress shots, and also copious amounts of cat photos. So if you’re into that :), give it a look.)

green boxy dress 1

I mentioned in a post a little while ago a list of crochet projects I wanted to try, and I’m thinking I can technically mark “make a boxy top” off my list. I’m pretty satisfied with this first one, and it’s so simple that it can be easily altered ie. changing length/width/stitch pattern/sleeves or no sleeves, which makes me even happier with it.

green boxy dress 2

I was going to try a more open stitch, but I decided I wanted to see what it looked like with triple crochet/9mm hook/Caron Simply Soft. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, and I also think this top might look great in a Solomon’s Knot stitch.

green boxy top 3

I decided to go with a little bit of a longer length probably from being inspired by the style of the likes of Hackwith Design House, Martha W. McQuade, and tons of baggy, boxy tunics and dresses on Pinterest. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this tunic/dress thing, and there are only maybe a few slight tweaks I’d make. I won’t be wearing it out until it gets a bit chillier, however; it’s way to hot to even be thinking about wearing a full crochet dress right now.

The next couple outfits I put together to style some jewelry I’ve made recently. While I’m definitely an amateur when it comes to jewelry, I do play around with it (mostly crochet-related) occasionally, as you may have seen before here and here. This time I’ve been experimenting with crocheted tube beads and having probably more fun than I should have making Tunisian crochet rings and bracelets from mercerized cotton thread.

white shirt 1

white shirt 2

white shirt 3

white shirt 4

Love that two-toned bracelet.

Outfit Details: Top: Beall’s, Tanktop: from a Fruit Of The Loom mens small four pack, Shorts: Beta House, Shoes: Faded Glory, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelet: made by me

floral top 1

I threw this outfit together from some things I’ve worn recently just to share this jewelry, but I really, really like it! I’m probably gonna’ wear some form of it out as soon as I have a reason to. It’s just so colorful and lovely.

floral top 2

floral top 3

floral top 4

Outfit Details: Top: Love J (was given to me and is pretty old), Shorts: Rue 21, Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelet: made by me.

So there you have it! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and week. God bless!

Waters Wears: Lightweight Floral Dress

floral dress 1

I’ve worn this dress before here. It’s from our local Factory Connection store. I loved the floral print and the yoke design, and the dress is different from any other I have in my wardrobe. It’s a really nice lightweight cotton, which is great for hot summer days (Although the dress is a little on the short side – one of those if you sit down the skirt isn’t long enough for you to be sitting on it situations :P).

floral dress 2

Though the neck tag was cut up the remove the original seller since this store is a factory outlet store, a look at the inner side tag reveals that the dress may be from Forever 21 Japan. While the dress is nice enough it doesn’t feel the most well made, and their were a few little modifications I had to make. The first issue was that the fabric just under the arms bowed out quite a bit, but this was easily fixable by making dartlike folds with some quick handstitching, as seen in the pictures below. The dress had a zipper up one side, and at some point (not sure if it was my fault or shoddy stitching in that area, or a combination of both) developed a small split in the seam just beside the zipper and under the start of the tie. I had to fix it up rather quickly, so it’s just mended using a basting stitch for now. I plan on going back and using my sewing machine on all this quick fixes at some point.

floral dress detail

floral dress 3

floral dress 4

floral dress 5

floral dress 6

I wore this outfit last Friday for lunch with a couple of my aunts, my mom, and my cousin. We had a really lovely time. It’s always nice to get together with them; my aunts and mom are kind of hilarious together, and my cousin and I are always prepared to laugh until we cry at least once.

floral dress 7

Hope you are having a beautiful day, wherever you are!

Dress: Factory Connection
Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s
Ring: unknown; I got it from a vendor in Costa Rica several years ago

“Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation. God, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer’s; he makes me tread on my high places.”

– Habakkuk 3:17-19

(Saying this like a prayer, lately)

A Project List (Of Sorts)

ideas and list

This vacation left me feeling kind of renewed with energy for designing and making. I came back not really with new ideas, but with a hunger for inspiration and to try crocheting some things I’ve had on a sort-of list off and on in my mind and scattered about various notebooks and post-its for a while now. Some of these are just pattern ideas I have, others are playing around with certain crochet methods I just haven’t had much experience with. So I decided to post an actual list here (of at least the things I can think of now; I can always add more) on the blog, to actually have it better pinned down. Maybe I’ll get to some of these in the next few months, maybe I won’t, and this thing’ll be a total fail, haha. Guess we’ll see together.

Here it is –

– try a ribbed waistband for skirt/dress
– try embroidery on crochet!
– play around with mesh style crochet
– kind of related to the above, play around with filet crochet in garments
– make a boxy top design
– make a high low style tank (similar to the hem here) using my fav combo of Caron Simply Soft/N-9.00mm hook/trc

And that’s what I’m listing for now. Some of these have more detailed bits, such as shall I make the boxy top in two pieces and put together, perhaps adding sleeves, or do I want to make it in one piece, simply seaming up the sides and adding sleeves? Really I want to do both. :)

I’m wanting to play around with a few new jewelry ideas I’ve got, too.

Have a beautiful day!

Back From Vacation

beach 1

I was M.I.A. from all things blog and crafting last week because Tanner and I went on a lovely vacation to the beach. It was the first time we’ve gotten to go on vacation together since getting married (we had wanted to go the summer before but our time and money wound up being spent fixing up the home we’d just bought). Tanner took beach trips a lot growing up, but I never really did, so getting to go with him was really special to me. It was only my third trip to a beach ever!

I had thought I might be able to get some outfit of the day photos while we were there, but we were just too busy relaxing, exploring, or resting for me to have time or care to try and make time. It was just nice to spend time with Tanner and enjoy being on vacation. I did, however, get some quick phone snaps of the dresses I wore out and about to dinner and mini golf and whatnot, some of which you’ve already seen on the blog. These outfits are pretty minimal, though, since hey, it’s the beach. I wore them all with the same pair of sandals, my old Faded Glory ones.

beach 2

Headband: Wal-Mart, Tank Top: Felina, Skirt: Rena Rowan (old)

beach 3

Dress: Factory Connection (also seen here)

beach 4

Dress: Joe Boxer (also seen here)

beach 5

Dress: Factory Connection

beach 6

Dress: Wet Seal (old)

*I look pretty shiny in some of these photos because I’m covered in sunblock. That pale girl life, yo.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

One night we were out to dinner with Tanner’s grandfather at a restaurant that has seats on the beach, but had to move under shelter due to a sudden thunderstorm. We got a beautiful rainbow after, however, that even turned into a double rainbow for a bit. :)

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. God bless!

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