Waters Wears: Reconstructed Men’s Tee

reconstructed t shirt 1

Here’s the men’s t-shirt that I mentioned altering in my last post. It’s a men’s size medium, and I cut off about 9 inches from the bottom, with the shape curving down on the sides, which is called a “sharkbite” hem, I believe, and rolled up the sleeves and tacked them in place with a bit of hidden sewing. Pretty simple, and although I like the over all look, I wish I’d left the shirt just an inch or so longer. It’s meant to be a crop top but my belly just showed off a little too much for my liking when it was worn with these shorts (which I didn’t have before I cut the shirt), and adding an inch of length wouldn’t bother me any. I think this crop top would look great over high-waisted skirts or just thrown over a dress as well. Since it’s a men’s shirt, the shoulders look a little broad in comparison with the new bottom hem to me, but I think it looks alright when on.

reconstructed t shirt 2

reconstructed t shirt 3

Though they didn’t look it in real life, these shorts looked much shorter to me in this set of pictures. This made me a bit uncomfortable, and I like my shorts longer, anyway, so I checked the cuffed hem to see if they could be unfolded, and they could a little bit! I used a seam ripper to break where the cuffs were sewn in place and unfolded them, which gave me around almost an inch more of added length. I have another pair seen here that look about the same length as these did to me, and they don’t look as revealing, so I’m not sure what made the difference. My only guess is material. These high-waisted shorts are made of a more stretchy material, while the other shorts are closer to traditional denim.

reconstructed t shirt 4

reconstructed t shirt 5

reconstructed t shirt 6

I wore this outfit out to eat with Tanner and a couple of his friends. My throat is still recovering from being sick, but I was able to eat pizza, real, solid food for the first time in about four days! That was nice, and I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started eating, haha. I can usually make it through two, maybe three pieces of a small pizza on my own but I probably could have eaten this whole pizza if I hadn’t stopped myself.

Anyway, my only issue with this outfit after lengthening the shorts is that the shorts aren’t quite as high-waisted as I’d like in order to wear them with this crop top without showing off more of my belly than I want every time I barely move my arms. But now I know, at least! :)

Hope you guys are having a good week!

Shorts: Rue 21
Shirt: Fruit Of The Loom men’s four pack, altered
Shoes: Faded Glory
Necklace: vintage Avon; it was my grandmother’s

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