Sickness And Chain Rings

chain ring

No outfit post today – though I’ll hopefully get one up later this week – because last week I got super sick with the same thing my husband had the week before, and was still recovering this weekend. This means I didn’t get much done last week in the way of crochet or crafting of any kind, although I did make a few easier things and play around with some Tunisian crochet when I had spurts non-dizziness.

It was hard not being able to do anything creative while I was sick, so – again, when I wasn’t too dizzy – I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at inspiring clothing, crochet, and items since I couldn’t make much of my own. One thing I saw was a picture of the rings from this tutorial, and I thought hey, that wouldn’t be too hard to try, I could probably manage, and looked over at the bit of jewelry chain I had lying on my desk. Very simple to make, and there’s a lot you could do with this idea as far as adding embellishments, using different types of chain, etc., but it is a little weird having a ring that isn’t a solid round shape. It feels like I could lose the ring easily. Still worth a try, though!

chain ring (2)

I was also able to do a bit of t-shirt recon on a men’s t-shirt from a four pack I bought, but that might show up in an outfit post soon. We’ll see.

Being sick is no fun, guys. I hope you and your families are all feeling well!

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