Waters Wears: Brown and Blue

brown and blue 1

Here’s the skirt I mentioned in my last post. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I meant for it to be a bit longer. I’m really into wearing stuff high-waisted lately, and the cool thing about these skirts I’ve been making is that while the elastic in the waistband is cut to fit the waist, it’s strong and stretchy enough that it can be worn and any level between waist and hips. As such, however, I think the skirt needs to be just a tad bit longer so that it’s a little more comfortable to wear (at least personally) at waist level. I am wearing my trusty cut off leggings/shorts under this skirt, though, as I almost always do with skirts and dresses.

brown and blue 2

brown and blue 3

brown and blue 4

brown and blue 5

This skirt has a bit of evenly spaced increasing in every other row of the first five rows, as a method experiment for fitting over hips. I wanted a subtle flair on the bottom so starting just a few rows before the color change there are also several rows of evenly spaced increases. This wound up giving pretty much the effect I wanted, which is cool, and it also makes the skirt really fun to spin and twirl around in. :)

brown and blue

This weekend was not a normal weekend, as plans got changed and cancelled for various reasons, so maybe a bit of boredom or just being stuck in the house, or maybe just a desire to make something else, led me to making the vest/tank, whatever you want to call it, below.

brown and blue 6

It’s a really simple top done in my favorite stitch and texture combo – Caron Simply Soft with triple crochet using an N-9.00mm hook (whoa, crochet nerd alert? Yes, yes I think so. But that’s just how it is :P)

brown and blue 7

And also, yay fringe!!! Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know. But I love it.

brown and blue 8

brown and blue 9

I think this top would look great over a dress.

This top was surprisingly hard to get decent pictures of, but I did have fun slowing down the shutter speed and catching some cool, albeit grainy, spinning pictures.

brown and blue 10

brown and blue 11

(How cool is the fringe in this one?)

brown and blue 12

Since we wound up going almost nowhere this weekend, I don’t really feel comfortable saying I wore these for much. I did wear the skirt out to get groceries with Tanner, but that was only for maybe an hour and a half tops, and I wouldn’t have worn it if I hadn’t made it, promised I’d wear it, and wanted to attempt that. haha. I didn’t really realize how silly it was to wear the skirt out for that short of an amount of time until it was already done. Oh well, I will probably wear these in the future for more involved occasions.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend, and God bless you through this week.

Navy Blue Tanktop: Faded Glory (old, but you can find plenty similar at Wal-Mart)
Crochet skirt: made by me
Grey Tanktop: No Boundaries
Crochet Fringe Top: made by me
Shorts: Beta House
Shoes: Faded Glory

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