A Crochet Skirt To Relieve A Design Slump

break skirt 2

If you’re someone who designs patterns or things, or owns a handmade business, you may understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes you get in a slump and things just seem like they’re not working.

Actually writing down my patterns and being serious about documenting sizing, yarn type, hook size, etc is new for me, and up until the past few weeks had been going fairly well. But last week I worked on a crochet top pattern the whole week only to find on Friday that I realized I didn’t care about this pattern and knew it wouldn’t be something I’d want to make over and over. Commence frogging and a restart. This time I tried I tried a different style top I’d had in mind, and while I still like the idea I was iffy about whether the way I was constructing the top was the best way to go about it. Maybe I was just second-guessing myself since the project before was such a bust, maybe there really is a better method, I don’t know. But either way I did something I’d tried not to do since getting serious about writing down my patterns, I decided to set the project aside and work on something a bit more mindless, just for a break.

I pulled out the beginnings of what was meant to be a pair of shorts, but I’d wound up not liking the shape so had decided I’d make it into a skirt someday, and began to finish it. So far I’m liking it, and the shape is different from other skirts I’ve made in the past, so it will be fun to see how it wears once finished. It’s been nice to work on something where I’m not having to write down every little detail, but I’m still learning about shaping this style of dress, better ways of joining yarn, etc. so this little excursion from more “serious work” isn’t useless. As my method seems to go, I tend to make a pattern without documenting details, but working out the general idea and shaping, doing problem solving and trying to make something I’d personally like to wear, then if I really like it and think it would be something I’d enjoy making over and over again (which is really a make or break it for me when it comes to making items to sell, which I do from time to time) I’ll set out to make it again, this time improving the pattern and writing down stitch counts, changes, construction notes, etc.

Anyway, I’ve been filled with relief getting to work on this skirt after feeling really bummed out and unsure about the past couple projects. It’s just been a nice stress relief. I’m really excited to see how this skirt turns out. If it goes well, I’ll probably wear it in an upcoming outfit post! I guess I just got a little down on myself since things weren’t going well with designing lately, even to the point where I was doubting all my designs and whether I was even good or people would actually like them, even though I knew things weren’t really as bad as they felt. But I’m feeling hopeful again, so I guess maybe working on this skirt was just what I needed to do.

Do you ever go through a slump like this in your designing or running your business?

God bless and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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