Garden 2014: Update

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These pictures were taken yesterday, a week and a half since the garden was planted. Our blueberries are looking very good. I was most excited about them and I can’t wait until they’re ready to eat.

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My brother and sister-in-law live with us right now, and she’s a gardener extraordinaire. The plants in the buckets at the side of the planter box are hers. She has a few things in them, among which are some basil plants, that’s she’s trying to nurse to health.

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Overall, the garden is looking good, but there are a few plants that don’t seem to be doing as well. One pepper plant, the gimpy one in the picture above, is probably about to bite the dust, but no worries there since, like I mentioned in the last garden post, we have a ridiculous abundance of pepper plants. :)

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The other pepper plants are looking quite good, however.

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The tomato plants are still small, and we have yet to cage or stake them, but we’ve seen a few blooms beginning to sprout. We have two types of tomatoes, and one seems to be doing better than the other, but I’ve never grown them myself before so maybe the plants just look different enough from each other that it seems one is doing worse.

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We’ve had several strawberries off of our two strawberry plants already, but they are really in need of being caged so the stems have something holding them up. Right now they lay on the dirt, and I’m hoping we can fix this as soon as possible. The strawberry blooms are always lovely.

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Our cucumber, okra, and cantaloupe plants are looking a little iffy, but they did seem to look much better after a few days of rain, so we probably just need to adjust the amount we water them.

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My sister-in-law, Maegan, has also done some other planting around the yard. I joke that’s she’s basically our landscaper, although it’s really kind of true. She really is making the yard look tons nicer. My husband and I just moved into this house towards the end of last summer, and huge parts of it are still a work in progress. The yard is one of those, so Mae’s impromptu planting sprees are very welcome, and we’re really thankful. Above, she’s planted some dianthus around the base of our mailbox.

use 15

And here, she’s planted a rose bush, some rosemary, a few verbena, and sprinkled some various “wildflower” seeds and Bachelor’s Button just under a layer of soil. If all goes well this little area should look really nice in the weeks to come. She also has a row of sunflowers and morning glories at the front of our yard, but I haven’t gotten a picture of those yet.

use 16a

And here is the natural growth of our yard. I wanted to snap a picture because we have an abundance of clover in both our front and back yard, and it looks really lovely right now. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. We also have a few buttercups here and there.

So that’s an update for now. Seeing all the little sprouts and starts of growth just make me a bit impatient for the fruits and veggies to be full and ready to eat, and excited for the flowers to start blooming and growing bigger and taller. Hopefully things will grow well and healthy, and wind up looking beautiful in the end.

Have a lovely, blessed day!

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