Garden 2014: Blooms

garden update 3 (2)

We’ve had a few blooms pop up these past few weeks! It was like right after I took the last pictures, haha. Blueberries are looking good and I’m so ready for them to be ready, to freeze them (my favorite way to eat them) and try them out in different recipes.

garden update 3 (3a)

All our squash plants, except that sad little one at the corner that I’m not quite ready to give up on yet, are looking great. These pictures were taken last Friday, and since then we have even more baby squash growing. Exciting!

garden update 3 (7)

garden update 3 (8a)

The majority of our pepper plants are looking, and growing, great. I can’t wait until these peppers are ready to try them out.

garden update 3 (11)

The cantaloupe (muskmelon) plants are finally blooming now, too, so we’ll see how that goes. We weren’t sure they were looking that great, but the blooms seem to indicate they’ve been doing fine.

garden update 3 (12)

Cucumber are looking good, too. Again, there’s one plant that doesn’t seem to be growing well at the end, but it’s actually looking alright. So we’ll see what happens with that. They’ve got their little curly bits growing now, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture. Maybe next time. We’re going to have to start training them to grow toward the edge of the bed soon, the stems are getting so long.

garden update 3 (13)

garden update 3 (14)

We caged all the tomatoes. They’re supposed to be staked, but until we get stakes we’ve just secured them in a few places to the cage. Hopefully we can get some stakes soon.

garden update 3 (15)

garden update 3 (16)

garden update 3

Mae’s garden areas are looking great, too. Little wildflowers have started to sprout in the little bed beside the house, and since these pictures were taken several of the verbena have bloomed and it’s been quite lovely. The above two pictures are of her sunflowers and morning glories. Growing well and getting tall.

As far as other plants, we’re still waiting and watching the okra, and the strawberries are continuing to do well. However, we need to put straw down as the strawberries are laying in the dirt as they grow and we’d like to fix that. Also, since this is soil taken directly from a farm, we’ve started to see little bits of grass sprout up, so we’re hoping laying some hay down will help alleviate that, too.

As life goes, myself and a few of my friends have been having various struggles. I know we can’t be the only ones, so I’m hoping and praying that us, and you, if you are in a similar place, can let go of fear and trust in God’s power and love. Though we feel at times abandoned or frustrated, we know His love is faithful more than any human love can be. Just, maybe that’s a little encouragement for you from someone who’s still trudging through fear and darkness herself. God bless, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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