Waters Wears: Sunshine Stripes

sunshine stripes 1

In case you haven’t picked up on it from previous outfit posts, most of my wardrobe consists of clothes given to me by friends and family after closet cleanouts. I’ve received items that aren’t my exact size in the past, but that’s led to me figuring out ways to wear them and actually influenced my style a lot (I love pairing something baggy with something form-fitting, eg. big cardigan + skinny jeans and I’ve developed a love for layering. I could probably do a whole post, or several, on making too-big items work. :P). Now if someone says, “Hey, I have some clothes I’m getting rid of, do you want any of it?” I’ll take most anything. If it’s not wearable the fabric can be used for projects and if I take something I wind up never wearing I can pass it on to the next person.

sunshine stripes 2

This yellow striped tank is no exception. My friend pulled it out as she was offering me clothes to take and I was like yes, yes, I love that. I’ve been on a yellow kick for years now, ‘kay?

sunshine stripes 3

sunshine stripes 4

This past weekend I was desiring to wear very comfortable clothes, so I paired it with some “workout” shorts. When my husband and I were in Germany I used these shorts for pajamas and lounging around, but on a short trip to Rome where I ill-packed for the much hotter weather, I needed some shorts for the train ride back to Germany, and that is when I realized I loved wearing these shorts, rolled up, in everyday attire. It’s been a while since I’ve worn them as such, but the warmer weather and the fact our Saturday would be spent at Bible study then my brothers-in-laws’ football game led me to put them on.

sunshine stripes 5

sunshine stripes 6

A personal goal for this blog was to not only post outfits I like, but that any outfits I post have to include something I’ve made, altered, mended, etc. This would be a breeze in fall and winter since scarves, hats, and gloves are all common crochet fair, but starting with warmer weather moving in has made it more challenging. I decided to wear a headband I made a while back, which I wore in the very first post on this blog, here. I’ve been growing my bangs out, and they’re at just the length where finding ways to pin and twist them back and actually have them STAY back is difficult, so I decided to try out the headband and see if it worked. For the most part, it did pretty well.

sunshine stripes 7

sunshines stripes 8

It was the first time my husband and I had been able to make one of his brothers’ games, and it was a good one. Although there was a lot of drama and almost fights, especially from the other team, because people get ridiculous and tense when playing football , the game itself was pretty exciting and our team wound up winning right at the end. So that was pretty cool. Hopefully we can catch some more of their games in the future.

Tank Top: Love To Love (I think, the label was hard to read)
Shorts: Danskin Now
Shoes: Converse
Headband: made by me

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