Let’s Talk About: Collar Necklaces

leather collar necklaces (10)
made by me

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to try making some collar necklaces. In particular, ones that drew from pointed or Peter Pan style collars. I’m really loving the look of these, lately, and my affinity for them has only grown since I’ve made and started wearing them. Above are a few of my favorites out of the ones I’ve made so far. I also plan on making some that are all crochet and chain, but I don’t have a place to block them right now.

Before I made any, I looked around for some inspiration as I do often before beginning a project of making something I never have before. It’s incredibly helpful to see other people’s techniques or ideas; It can help you figure out how to do what you see in your head, and to further define your ideas.

Bits of Envy on Etsy

This necklace from Bits of Envy has to be one of my favorites. I love how the collar shape is defined by chain and a bit of crochet. She has some other lovely necklaces and things in her shop, as well.

Like Freja on Etsy

Ampris Loves on Etsy

Of course collar necklaces look great with tops that have no collars. I love the idea of wearing them with plain t-shirts, or tops that have a simple shape. They can completely change the look of an outfit, sometimes making it a bit more formal or classy. Collared necklaces can also look great over strapless dresses and tops.

Alterations Needed

Alana Ruas

My Blomquist

Refinery29 (this one includes a tutorial)

As you can see, there is a wide range of collar necklace styles, and even this is only within the Peter Pan or pointed category.

In case you’re inspired to make one of your own collar necklaces, here are some tutorials.
DIY Erickson Beamon Inspired Collar Necklace made with old shirt collar and beaded from DC2NY Confessions
Peter Pan Collar Necklace DIY made with leather from A Beautiful Mess
DIY Collar Necklaces made with chain from Hello, Whimsy
Peter Pan Collar Necklace made with fabric from Sew Caroline on Rags To Stitches

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