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Full Days and Snow Days

With several projects ongoing, learning about digital art, and the toddler having school days off due to snow and ice, it’s been pretty full week. I’m trying to get business and design related things done when I can, while trying not to fall asleep in between.

One thing that’s made the past couple weeks more interesting is that my son has had another language development leap, and he’s starting to be one of those happy, bossy toddlers – “Mama, sit!” (So he can roll Hot Wheels from the couch arm into my lap.) “Get up.” (To his Dada, grabbing his hand and leading him into the kitchen to demand more banana bread.) “Pizza, pizza, pizza.” (A request for lunch one day.) Haha, it’s been fun but crazy. One friend described the point your toddler starts talking more fully as similar to going on a blind date, like, ‘Oh, so that’s your favorite food, that’s the show you want to watch, etc.’ Suddenly you get a deeper glimpse into their little minds, and it’s wild.

Well, back to editing! Gotta’ use that naptime break. :)


journal use 3

It seems like everyone who likes to keep a journal has a hard time resisting buying many more than they need. Right now, I have about five, some which are filling up fast, and some that are almost bare. As a kid, I always wanted to be someone who could keep a written journal everyday, and though I tried, it never lasted. I’ve noticed, as I’ve gotten older, however, that I can seem to keep a journal (or several), I just tend to fill it with more than just a play-by-play of my daily life.

journal use 1

My journals mostly consist of clothing and project ideas, occasional story ideas and poems, and a few quotes and Bible verses. Though I generally separate some things, such as having a sketchbook primarily for sketches and drawings, and one journal devoted to story and writing related things, stuff does intermingle in some sometimes.

journal use 2

journal use 4

I have also always had a tendency to draw on the covers of my journals (and most anything that resembles an open canvas, actually).

I love seeing pictures of other people’s journals, it’s such a neat insight into the person, and sometimes so inspiring. I wonder what mine say about me.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Found Around

A list of neat or inspiring things I have discovered around the internet recently. –

ShopRuche‘s new Spring Lookbook. Most of the looks are right up my alley, and are very simple but happy outifts, but the above is my favorite. I love the denim dress and the addition of the vest over it. I also love all the shoes in this lookbook, because most of them remind me of shoes my mother wore in the seventies and eighties – wooden heels, simple leather straps and classy-looking silhouettes.

This tutorial by Dandelion Drift for leather heart pockets. I love using leather in a lot of my crochet projects, so this tutorial immediately had my mind racing with ideas. Such a simply idea, but so effective. She adds the pockets onto little girls’ dresses, but you could easily adapt the idea for more adult clothing, for example, by either using the heart shape or any shape you’d like and adding pockets to a simple shift dress or t-shirt.

The entire weaving tag on Pinterest. My sister-in-law and I were going crazy over the amount of ideas and inspiration. Weaving is such a cool and beautiful form of fiber art. Seriously, go check it out. From more traditional weaving and basket weaving to pin weaving and weaving onto sticks and twigs, from kids projects to easy home decor projects ideas, there’s a ton of inspiration and pretty pictures on this tag.

And just to give you another weaving project idea, here’s a tutorial from Ellen of The Long Thread I found at least a year ago that’s still one of my favorites. It’s a simple tutorial using chipboard and embroidery floss to make a small necklace pendant. Again, even though the project is aimed at kids, it could easily be adapted for a more adult necklace, and also just seems like a lot of fun!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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