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Project Notes: Moss Stitch Top With Embroidered Hem

Here is a garment I finished several months ago, but had yet to write a wrap-up for. Using a fingering weight cotton yarn in moss stitch (also called lemon peel stitch). I had originally intended for the top to be solid color, but realized part-way through the back panel that I wouldn’t have enough of the white yarn to finish, so I adjusted by frogging some on the front panel and adding this peach to the yoke of the top. I think it would have looked fine in solid color, but I like the way the color-blocking turned out!

I used DMC cotton embroidery thread to add the hand embroidered floral details along the base. I had an idea for the florals I wanted to do, and the style, but I drew some simple sketches out to really solidify the design before I began embroidering. I’m really, really happy with how the embroidery turned out. So far, I’ve left it unlined, but we’ll see how it holds up once the top has been worn a few times. Even though all the yarn and thread used is cotton, after washing it almost seems as though the thread ends have felted in a way, so they’re actually pretty secure.

As I’ve experimented with embroidery on various crochet stitches, I’ve found that so far I like to work without a hoop or anything holding the main fabric tight, and instead work with the tension of the crocheted piece so that the embroidery won’t be pulled too taught or snap when the crochet is stretched – especially important for garments. I learned here that I really like using backstitch when embroidering on crochet, as it creates a more solid line, but can still stretch with the crochet, and it’s pretty secure and easy to weave thread ends into on the back.

I do want to try a shorter, more cropped version of the basic top, and play around with some more embroidery eventually. But I do love the way this top turned out.

The Millicent Cropped Pullover Pattern


I’m so excited that this pattern is finally available in my shop, here!



It took me longer (much longer) than I’d planned to get this pattern ready and out, due to rereads, checking for clarity, and getting shots of it being worn, but yay, it’s done!



As you can see, the pattern features two versions of the top, one with a button lapel, and one without. You can also choose to roll or cuff the sleeves, or leave them uncuffed.

Hope you all enjoy! Please let me know if you decide to make this top, by either commenting here or tagging #waterswaresmillicent on Instagram!

The Ella Muscle Tee Pattern


I now have another PATTERN available in my shop! It’s for this lovely little crochet muscle tee.


It’s such a simple shape, but, I think, looks really chic.



The pattern has directions for the top and an optional skirt. Hope you like it! Check it out at the link below. :)

The Ella Muscle Tee Pattern

In Progress

in progress 2

I guess this could technically be called another Project-Styled Outfits, but all the crochet pieces you see here are designs I’ve been working on the past several weeks.

in progress 1

The first hat above is the same hat pictured in this post, just in a different color, and the second hat above is the other one I mention in that post. I don’t usually go for more cutesy hats and things, but I kept seeing these understated, “cat ear-shaped” beanies and actually really liked the effect, so I decided to try designing one of my own.

in progress 3

A lot of crocheters are big on making boot cuffs, but I’m not really into those. I do love legwarmers, however. I had a few pairs growing up but always felt conscious of my bigger calves once I put them on, so not long and thin like most legwarmer-wearers in pictures I’d seen, but they’re just one of my favorite clothing items and the older I’ve gotten I’ve embraced my body shape even more, so I definitely plan to wear these once it gets cold enough to warrant it.

in progress 4

This top is just a skirtless version of this tunic dress, and I love them both so much! I was inspired by the muscle tee trend for these, and it’s so cool to have a crochet version that’s easy to wear. Such a simple shape and stitch, but I love the open sides and the overall look. The shape pairs well with a long, stand-out necklace, and this top-only version works great over tank tops and dresses.

in progress 5

This bag is probably one of the designs I’ve made that I’m most pleased with. It took a lot longer than most things I make, with several sessions of rows and rows of frogging as I worked on getting the size right, as well as finding the best stitching for the strap (I wanted it wide for comfort but not stretchy). It’s very technically sound, and I think one of the reasons I’m so pleased with it is that I can see in the design and the process of making it how far I’ve come as a crocheter and designer.

Pretty sure most of these, if not all, will be available in my upcoming shop. :) So exciting!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. God bless!

Waters Wears: Crochet Peplum Top

peplum top 1

I’ve been wanting to try making a peplum top for a little while, although my original idea had the top being solid and with sleeves. I’m not sure how I got to this skinny-strap, open stitch design, exactly, maybe it happened because this way of making the “cups” is my favorite right now (they work up so fast, and sizing is pretty easy this way), maybe because it’s already in the 80s outside, and we’re only at the start of summer. I can’t really remember, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

peplum top 2

The colors, or really how they play off of each other, turned out really lovely. When I wore this on Sunday, the colors were what got complimented most enthusiastically by friends and acquaintances. The yarn used is Caron Simply Soft in Soft Green and Berry Blue. Most any clothing you’ll see me make as of late uses this yarn. I love that it’s a softer yarn, and that it softens up even more nicely after one wash.

peplum top 3

The open stitch pattern here is from a book called Crochet Stitch Guide by Jean Leinhauser and Mary Ann Frits. It’s one of those stitch compilation books that can be found at most every craft store, at least around where I live. I had been wanting it because I liked the variety of stitch patterns it had and was wanting to play around with more varied stitches for things I make, but wasn’t willing to pay $10.00 for it. Then, I found it at a local book resale shop for $5.00. Half off isn’t bad! I’ve been having fun trying out different stitch patterns; it’s nice to be like, I need a stitch that’s a chain multiple of 4, or whatever, and just look through this book to see some options.

peplum top 4

For the straps I used the Romanian Point Lace Cord. I followed this tutorial video from Wendy Harbaugh of Sunshine’s Creations. I make a lot of things that need straps, but the issue with crochet is that it stretches, A LOT, so I’ve been looking for more strap-making options. The Romanian Point Lace Cord seemed much, much less stretchy and I’ve been really happy with it when wearing the top. I’ve already used it in another project, and plan to use it in more.

peplum top 5

As a note: The widest part of me is my hips, and I’m always hesitant to wear anything that flares or ruffles out around them, so I took this into consideration when making this top – I started the peplum just above my bellybutton, and ended the peplum so the length was to just above the widest part of my hips. I wasn’t sure if this would work, but I think it turned out looking fine. If you aren’t a “pear-shaped” person and you attempt making a top like this, you could probably make the torso longer and have the peplum be over your hips, but all of this is personal preference, anyway. Do watcha’ like. :)

peplum top 6

peplum top 7

This skirt was passed on to me by my sister-in-law, and I’ve been wearing it a lot. It’s high-waisted and formfitting at the top, which I really like. I’ve been wanting high-waisted things for a while because I really like the look, so getting this skirt was a nice surprise.

peplum top 8

peplum top 9

I definitely plan on making more of these tops. Since you start with the “cups” then work down in the round, making different sizes should be very easy, and this way also lends itself to trying out different stitch patterns and torso/peplum lengths. I might try some like my original idea, too, with sleeves and more solid stitches. As for this pattern, there are a few things I’d like to tweak, but other than that, I’m very happy with this little crocheted “peplum” top.

Crochet Top: made by me
Tank Top:No Boundaries (one with a built-in bra)
Skirt: Old Navy (old)
Necklace: Cookie Lee (but I’ve had it since middle or high school, I think)
Shoes: Faded Glory

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