The Lillian Pleated Skirt Pattern


Exciting news!! After working on getting this together this last month – typing the pattern up, editing, getting photos, re-editing, more editing just for good measure – the pattern for my pleated skirt is now available in the shop! I had so many requests for a pattern after the skirt was shared on Instagram, so here ya’ go!





The pattern includes directions and picture guides to creating the waistband, pleats, and pockets, and is available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Right-Handed Version

Left-Handed Version

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3 thoughts on “The Lillian Pleated Skirt Pattern

  1. Rosa


    I’ve been wanting to purchase the pattern for this skirt but I am being charged $5.00 shipping for the pdf. via PayPal. Is there a way to bypass this? Thank You!

    1. Mindy Post author

      Commenting here to let you know that I’ve seen this comment and am looking for a solution to the issue. I have not found it yet, but I will keep working on this and get back to you asap. Paypal should not be charging shipping for any digital items, so I am checking all of my settings to see if somethings been changed that would be causing you to be incorrectly charged. So sorry for the inconvenience!

    2. Mindy Post author

      I think the problem is fixed. I have updated to a new shop – just click “SHOP” at the top of the blog, or you can purchase through Ravelry.


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