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Waters Wears: Bohemian Stripes


I wore this outfit a few weeks ago out with friends to eat sushi, followed by hanging out in a bookstore for hours. (Can we do this like, every weekend, please?)


I have mixed feelings about this dress. I love the stripes, the colors, but the way the sleeves are made – meant to have an oversized tee feeling – makes your shoulders seem broader than they really are, to me. But it’s comfortable, and has definitely been a great thing to have post-having baby to easily throw on.



Again, wearing my mother’s old necklace. A favorite I wear often.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day! God bless!

Long Lost Outfit


So I was pregnant in these pictures, but I didn’t know it yet. ;) These pictures never got uploaded back then, but I really liked this outfit, so I figured I’d go ahead and post them now.




My husband got me this ring from a cool booth at a local Highlands festival a few years ago. I wish I could remember their company name, but I can’t.


I love high-waisted things, and these jeans turned out to be pretty comfy.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Top: given; old
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Faded Glory
Necklace: made by me, find it at Waters Wares
Ring: from a booth at a local festival several years ago.

Waters Wears: A Bright, Yellow Sweater For Cold, Rainy Weather


Do you ever put together an outfit that you’re just not sure about? Like it’s almost right, but something’s off? This one seems to have all the components of an outfit that I’d wear, that’s my style, but I just didn’t feel exactly confident about it. A reason for posting outfits on this blog was to document outfits I really liked, but I kind of felt like sharing one that’s almost right, just not quite there for me.

use 1

use 2

use 3

use 3b

We had a surprise cold weather weekend around here, thanks to lots of rain and overcast days. It did give me an opportunity, though, to wear a sweater I’ve been quite excited about, but didn’t wind up wearing before the weather got too hot. It’s a vintage yellow sweater that I got from Studio Tinsel Vintage when my sister-in-law alerted me to a sale she was having. I bought several things from this shop, and highly recommend it. The owner, Amelia Lynn, is very honest about any imperfections the items may have, and every item came clean and folded nicely in cute packaging. Not to mention the clothing items she tends to have are very cute and neat. Though I wore the purple cardigan all day, I wanted to get pictures for you of the sweater by itself. I honestly think, looking at these pictures, that I would have liked the outfit better sans cardigan, but weather didn’t permit that. :)

use 6

use 7b

Cold weather also meant an excuse to wear a hat. I made this one several years ago, and honestly decided on it after going through several beanies and not liking the look until I pulled out this one and dug how the big blue button on the back (which is just a plastic bottle cap crocheted around) looked with the outfit. The shape of this hat is more like a beret, I guess, but I’ve since adapted this pattern to what I originally intended – a more slouchy, big beanie. I also noticed I’ve become a lot more patient with construction of items over these past few years. I had simply tied the button on in two places, and it doesn’t feel secure at all! It makes me cringe, now. While I still struggle with impatience when it comes to little finicky things with making items, I’ve come a long way, and secure construction, though taking time, is important. I need to sew it on more securely sometime.

use 10

use 9

I bought these jeans at Forever 21 about a year ago because the one pair of skinnies I’d had for years had finally bit the dust, and these were comfy and not too expensive. I was looking for a solid color pair, but I really liked the rose pattern on these, not to mention, going along with the comfort factor, the waist wasn’t lowrise. (I struggled enough with lowrise pants when they were about the only style you could find when I was in high school. I personally prefer at least a slightly higher waist. Maybe it’s a pear-shaped, big hips/small waist thing? Who knows? My sister-in-law loves lowrise pants, however. So it’s whatever people prefer.) Anyway, these have wound up being one of my favorite pairs of pants, although remembering not to wear them with certain prints, especially other florals, since they’re already very printed themselves, can sometimes be a challenge. No matter, though. I do like that I can take advantage of my short legs with these; the bottoms can either be scrunched up as shown or cuffed for a more classic look.

(Also, even though it’s of roses, I think against this bright yellow shirt the pattern looks kind of like clouds in a bright blue sky. A pretty happy thought on these rainy, grey days.)

use 11

Even though I was iffy on this outfit, I wore it for a very fun day. We went to lunch with a couple friends and then to a family cookout celebrating a long distance family friend from Germany. He stayed with my cousins as an exchange student over 25 years ago and wound up visiting again several times, once when I was a very little baby. My cousin, Kim, that he stayed with, always babysat me, and apparently I never liked to lay back in my carseat, always leaning forward even when I was sleeping. The friend hated that and would always turn around in his seat and hold my head up. Haha “And your head is straight, see, so you can thank me for that.” It had been 19 years since his last visit, and it was a very good and happy night.

Purple Cardigan: Casual Corner Annex
Yellow Sweater: Inner Visions by Ship n’ Shore
Jeans: Forever 21 (old)
Hat: made by me
Shoes: Faded Glory

Waters Wears: First Sandals of the Year

fringe vest 1

Yes, this is the first day of the year that it was warm enough and dry enough on a day that I happened to go out for me to wear sandals, and it was wonderful.

fringe vest 2

fringe vest 3

It was sunny with a nice breeze. I’ve been hesitant these last few weeks to be convinced that warm weather is finally here to stay, but maybe us Southerners can finally start to believe that winter is really over.

fringe vest 4

This vest may be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Perhaps partly for the variety of stitches involved that give it detail, perhaps because it turned out such a success, but definitely because of the mixmatched buttons. All of them are vintage from various stashes at my late grandmother’s house. I had planned on selling this vest, but once I put the buttons on it, I fell in love with it. This is really the first time I’ve worn it out since I made it last year.

fringe vest 5-6

The headband is a simply a crocheted flower with a chain stitched on. A simple project that whips up quickly and would be great for beginner crocheters.

fringe vest 7

My friend Elise helped me with these photos, the location and poses were basically all her ideas, and I love how they turned out! Elise was first an acquaintance, then a friend, then a cousin (We met through my cousin when they were dating, and now they’re married!), but she is really more like a sister to me. Her presence and friendship truly are a blessing in my life.

fringe vest 8

We had a few bee friends around while we were shooting these photos, and I had to try and get a shot of one as they buzzed around the weeds and wildflowers because they made me happy as such a definitive sign of spring.

fringe vest 9

In spite of being plagued with a sinus infection at the peak of runny nose, sneezy, phlegm-y nastiness, this was a wonderful day spent hanging out with several friends, enjoying fellowship and time spent together and this beautiful warm weather.

Vest: made by me
Tank Top: No Boundaries (it’s one with a built-in bra)
Jeans: Forever 21
Sandals: Faded Glory (but they’re several years old)
Headband: made by me

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