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Waters Wares: Spring/Summer 2015

I’ve been away awhile because I’ve been planning and finalize all the last little details of my Spring/Summer shop update. While making hats and scarves is fun, I really love designing and making crochet clothing. Check it all out at








The pleated skirt with pockets is a design I’m especially proud of; a lot of work went into figuring out the best way to do those pockets. I also really like the open side tank top, it’s such a simple yet pretty design. And as you can see, those crochet crowns are available for sale now, too, if you don’t want to make yourself one. :)

Spring is starting to peek through it bits and pieces around here, between cold and rainy days. Which is exciting. I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Waters Wears: Crochet Underbust Dress


I started this dress two autumns ago, back in 2013. I halted the project after a bit because, well, it was getting warmer, anyway, and I also couldn’t find the right buttons – while I love mix-in-match buttons, I knew I wanted these to all be the same. This winter I decided I wanted to finish the dress, and once the right buttons were here, all that was left were the straps.


This dress was actually my first go at pleats. I think they look great, but the main thing I learned was that the stitches of the pleat “fold” don’t need to go all the way behind the pleat; they do on this dress and it makes for a lot of fabric that’s a bit heavy. The straps work fine, though, and the dress still looks okay overall. Waiting so long, in fact, probably aided in this working out so well despite the heavier skirt – just over this summer I discovered a better way to do wide straps that are strong and are less prone to stretching.


I put together this outfit just to show it off for you on the blog, but I really, really like it (there’s maybe a little wishful thinking for warmer weather with the choice of bare legs and tennis shoes). Now I just need somewhere to wear it to before it gets too warm.


All in all this turned out just as I’d pictured in my head, and I could definitely see myself refining the pattern and making it again.

Dress: made by me
Thermal: Faded Glory
Shoes: Faded Glory
Necklaces: old, belonged to my mom and grandmother; I believe they may be Sarah Coventry

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