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Waters Wears: Bohemian Stripes


I wore this outfit a few weeks ago out with friends to eat sushi, followed by hanging out in a bookstore for hours. (Can we do this like, every weekend, please?)


I have mixed feelings about this dress. I love the stripes, the colors, but the way the sleeves are made – meant to have an oversized tee feeling – makes your shoulders seem broader than they really are, to me. But it’s comfortable, and has definitely been a great thing to have post-having baby to easily throw on.



Again, wearing my mother’s old necklace. A favorite I wear often.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day! God bless!

Waters Wears: Last of the Holiday Lights


The Saturday after Christmas, I hung out with my friend, Kelsey, and we wound up at this little park. The lights were really pretty just before the evening went dark.


I really enjoyed this outfit, probably mainly because of the tights, a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I’ve been wanting some microfiber tights for a while now, so once I had some, I was ready to try them out.



This last picture was Kelsey’s idea. Turned out pretty cute.

All pictures taken by Kelsey.

Shirt: Splash (old)
Infinity Scarf: made by me (similar here)
Fedora: World Market
Shorts: Beta House
Tights: Legale
Boots: old

Waters Wears: Double Stripes

double stripes yes 1

And after not having a high low dress until just a few weeks ago, I now have another! My friend found this one at Sears. I wouldn’t normally be drawn to this blue-green shade, but I’ve wound up really liking this dress. Goes to show that taking your friends’ clothing suggestions can sometimes lead to a happy surprise. Though I’ve only worn it once, I think this may be one of my favorite dresses.

double stripes yes 2

Though it’s been warmer in general around here most days, this particular day was a little chilly, so I wore the dress with leggings and a jacket.

double stripes yes 3

double stripes yes 4

double stripes yes 5

I got this jacket from my sister-in-law after she cleaned out her wardrobe. She cut thumbholes into her sleeves often, a practice of which I am in support.

double stripes yes 6

double stripes yes 7

The necklace is crocheted in a way that’s been popular for decades. Beads are preloaded onto the thread, then crocheted onto a simple chain at different intervals. These necklaces are quick and fun to make, as you can vary the style just by using different threads, thread length, colors, beads, and amounts of beads.

double stripes yes 8

double stripes yes 9

double stripes yes 10

I really loved all the colors in this outfit and the way they worked together. It’s a very happy outfit, and the dress is super comfortable. It was definitely good for a day going to church and spending time with friends.

Dress: Joe Boxer
Jacket: Old Navy (but at least several years old)
Leggings: No Boundaries
Necklace: made by me
Socks: Costco
Shoes: Converse

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