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Waters Wears: Last of the Holiday Lights


The Saturday after Christmas, I hung out with my friend, Kelsey, and we wound up at this little park. The lights were really pretty just before the evening went dark.


I really enjoyed this outfit, probably mainly because of the tights, a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I’ve been wanting some microfiber tights for a while now, so once I had some, I was ready to try them out.



This last picture was Kelsey’s idea. Turned out pretty cute.

All pictures taken by Kelsey.

Shirt: Splash (old)
Infinity Scarf: made by me (similar here)
Fedora: World Market
Shorts: Beta House
Tights: Legale
Boots: old

Waters Wears: A Green Dress

green dress 1

This dress was given to me by my friend, and resident dress queen, Kelsey. She’s gotten pretty good at picking good ones, and I was excited that she’d found one and thought of me. A few of the buttons were loose but that was easily fixable with a few minutes time and some handsewing. This dress does not disappoint – green to coordinate with my red hair (a combination I love but try not to utilize too much so it’s not overused; aka I like it but am also a bit annoyed that people always want to put redheads in green), a separate slip that can be worn with other things ( I wore it here, with the boxy tunic I crocheted) and full buttons up the front so the dress can be worn over something else like a long vest or just as an extra layer, making it super versatile, the nice gold button detail and shape giving it a retro 20-30s look, and of course the godets in the skirt making it very spin-worthy.

green dress 2

green dress 3

green dress 4

I love the tab and button on the sleeves. Also, my hair’s getting long enough on top to do more braids.

green dress 5

I’ve had these shoes since high school, so for at LEAST seven years! I can’t remember when, exactly, I got them, but I wore them a lot back then. They’ve held up pretty well but I don’t wear them as much lately because I tend to seek comfort in footwear right now. Kind of crazy to think I wore these and other tall wedges all the time in high school. Is this a sign that I’m getting old, or just going through a phase of lazy with footwear? haha. Anyway, I’m glad I pulled them out and wound up wearing them this day. While I think gold shoes would work really well with this dress thanks to the buttons, I love how the blue and green pop against one another.

green dress 6

I wore this dress out for dinner and shopping for random things and necessities with Tanner. No special occasion, I just like to get dressed up sometimes when we go out together; most of the time when I go out of the house it’s in gym clothes so I like dressing up a bit more when I can, and I’ve also always liked to dress up for Tanner. :)

Dress: Paper Doll (Kelsey got it at a local store)
Shoes: Route 66 (very old)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Waters Wears: Zebra Gum Skirt (Plus Day To Night Outfit)

zebra gum skirt (2)

I received this skirt from my sister-in-law after a closet clean out. Although it reminds me of traditional Mexican dresses (probably because of the rich, bright colors) my friend, Kelsey, said it made her think of “Zebra Gum,” a staple from both our childhoods, which was apparently commonly called that by us 90s kids even though the real name is Fruit Stripe.

I wore this outfit to church and out for lunch afterward in the morning with my husband, but switched the skirt and shoes out for something more comfortable for a trip to the movies later that night with friends. I decided to get pictures of both the outfits since I had time, so you could see the transition.

Morning –

zebra gum skirt (3)

I think Mae said she got this skirt from a shop on a trip to San Francisco, but I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly. The tag had a website listed, but the website doesn’t exist anymore, so that’s sad. If I find out more about this dress or its makers I’ll be sure to update.

zebra gum skirt (4)

zebra gum skirt (5)

I think the bright colors make me happy.

zebra gum skirt (7)

zebra gum skirt (8)

I made these bracelets a while back and I’ve worn them here before. Though the blue doesn’t match the blues in the skirt, I thought it still looked nice with this outfit. The ring is from Forever 21, a few years back. It’s a favorite of mine, I love that it’s a double ring but delicate, with a hummingbird and flowers. It’s also nice because the band sizes allow me to wear it on several fingers, so it’s a little more versatile.

Evening –

zebra gum skirt (9)

I switched out the skirt for these shorts, which I’m still digging. I think they, along with the bright red shirt give this outfit a retro look, although the tie-front and boat shoes probably help.

zebra gum skirt (10)

zebra gum skirt (11)

zebra gum skirt (12)

My friend Elise, who helped me take these pictures a while back, made me try this on while on a trip to our local Factory Connection. Before I put it on I didn’t really like, it, but once I saw it on I actually liked it a lot. Paisley’s kind of my favorite print so that probably helped. :) I think it looks great over bold colored tanks like this one, but would probably also be nice for a little extra coverage over a sleeveless dress.

zebra gum skirt (13)

These shoes were a gift to me from Kelsey’s father before I went on a trip to Europe a couple years ago. They’ve accompanied me on adventures in Germany, gotten utterly soaked while treading through puddles (some more like small ponds) and pouring rain in Paris. They’re a bit worn and dirty, but I haven’t bothered to clean them. They’re a nice reminder of those memories.

zebra gum skirt (14)

Dragon-baby. Full name Blue Eyes White Dragon. If you get the reference gold star for you. :) He slept on the bed while I took these outfit pictures and was fixated on the blinking light of the camera while I grabbed a picture with him.

zebra gum skirt

Hope you had a beautiful Sunday!

A church sign I saw last night that said “Jesus Christ’s love casts out fear,” at a moment of prayer about this very thing, reminded me of this verse: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” – 1 John 4:18 It is a thing I have been struggling with lately, and looking over these outfits, being reminded of the day they were taken and all its thoughts and events, compelled me to share this here.

Skirt: Unknown at the moment
Button-up/Tie-front: Poetry
Tank Top: No Boundaries
Shorts: Beta House
Wedges: Dr. Scholl’s
Flats: Call It Spring
Bracelets: made by me
Ring: Forever 21 (old)

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