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Waters Wears: T-Shirt With Embroidered Floral Sleeves Detail

I recently finished emrbroidering little flowers on a plain t-shit I had. Some of this inspiration came from this old Etsy listing I found on Pinterest. The colors I chose have more of a 70s retro inspiration, though.

It’s such a simple detail, but so sweet, I think.

Here are some detail pictures. I wanted the flowers to seem a bit random, so I roughly marked where I wanted them to be using a wash-away fabric pencil, then alternated the flowers colors and little leaf placement.

Each flower is worked individually, so the sleeve still stretches fine. I also left the sleeves unlined, as the back stitches seem very secure and I’m not worried about them needed extra protection.

I have a skirt I’m looking forward to wearing this with when it gets warmer, and I also think it would go well with this headband. ;)

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