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Waters Wears: Fourth of July



I wore this outfit on the Fourth of July, which is also my husband’s birthday. His mom and stepdad took us out for lunch, and it was a lot of fun.



This is a new necklace. It was a birthday gift from my best friend, Kelsey. It’s lovely and sparkly, and it’s my favorite, a butterfly.


My husband took a few days off for vacation after his birthday, and the kiddo and I definitely enjoyed having him home with us for an extended holiday.

If you’re from the US, I sincerely hope you had a good Fourth. Much love, and God bless!

Waters Wears: Typical Fall Attire

fitted flannel 1

(Sidenote: With the color+texture of this hat+wearing it not completely pulled down+this angle doesn’t it look a bit like I’m wearing a thimble? haha :P)

fitted flannel 2

Though I actually like the look with the tennis shoes, I’d probably have worn this with my boots if they weren’t in need of repairs (the sole of one has come loose and needs to be reglued). But it’s still a fine look; a bit eighties with the socks and tennis shoes.

fitted flannel 3

This shirt was again given by to me by a friend after a closet clean-out. I’m kind of in love with it, and I’ll probably be wearing it a lot this fall. I love that it’s a flannel, but with lots of nice details that make it more unique – the shirring at the sides, the sleeves, the length.

fitted flannel 4

fitted flannel 5

Shirt: unknown
Jeggings: Faded Glory
Socks: gifted (probably from Kohl’s)
Shoes: Faded Glory
Beanie: made by me

Waters Wears: Peach And Plaid

peach and plaid 1

We’ve finally had some fall weather around here the past few weeks. I knew it was coming because I have feet that get cold ridiculously easily when the weather’s even a bit cool, and I’ve been having to wear socks on the regular. It’s been nice to be able to wear pants and layers again, but I’m at least hoping we have more of a fall than we have in recent years and that the extremely cold winter they’re predicting takes a little while to come around.

peach and plaid 2

Most of the time, if I’m out and about, I can get away with going sockless if I’m wearing shoes like these, at least for now. This day, though, we were going to some friends’ house where I knew I’d be taking my shoes off to lounge around, so the socks were a must. I kinda’ dig the look, though.

peach and plaid 3

I got this shirt marked down for $7.00. It’s really soft, and I love the colors and sheer panel at the front. I love layering in the fall so I knew it would be cool for that, but also nice for random warmer days.

peach and plaid 4

peach and plaid 5

Most of the time I try to post outfits I wear that I’ve either made or mended a part of, but this one had none of that. However, later that day, I noticed that the seam on one of the tiers of the shirt had broken, so that’ll have to be fixed. Haha, oh well.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weather where you are, no matter what it’s like. Have a good day, and God bless!

Top: Factory Connection
Button Up: Gap (very old)
Tanktop: (worn under top) No Boundaries
Pants: Faded Glory
Socks: probably Kohl’s, they were gifted
Shoes: Faded Glory

Waters Wears: Alpine Influence?

Alp influence yes 1

Maybe it’s the fedora, but this outfit reminds me of German/Austrian attire. My husband and I actually have authentic lederhosen and dirndl, but that is another photoset for another day. Many people don’t like fedoras, but I do like them and feel there is a way to wear them that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. I think they can look especially cute paired with some simple flats.

Alp influence yes 2

This shirt is one I took from the few clothes my mom had saved from her childhood. It’s one of my favorites. I especially like it because it’s long, something you don’t always find in plaid button ups.

Alp influence yes 3

The belt is one I crocheted maybe three or four years ago, and I wear it a lot, either as a belt or headband. It’s a pretty simple design and has held up well over the years. It’s one of the pieces that I’ve worn out and had people ask me if I can make them one of their own, so that’s pretty cool!

Alp influence yes 4

Guys, I really love this fedora. My husband got it for me because I mentioned that I’d wanted one for years, literally YEARS, and I wear it so much. Definitely one of my favorite clothing items right now.

Alp influence yes 5

I love the ruching on these shorts, and the fact that they’re longer than most short shorts, but they do have the weirdest way of doing pockets, haha.

Alp influence yes 6

I wore this for another day walking around the city. Walking around two cities, to be exact. My husband helped with a few of the pictures this time around, too.

Fedora: World Market
Shirt: vintage, El Rancho Western Shirt
Tank Top: No Boundaries (it’s one of those with a built-in bra)
Crochet Flower Belt: made by me
Shorts: Bongo
Belt: came with shorts
Shoes: Faded Glory

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