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Waters Wears: A Green Dress

green dress 1

This dress was given to me by my friend, and resident dress queen, Kelsey. She’s gotten pretty good at picking good ones, and I was excited that she’d found one and thought of me. A few of the buttons were loose but that was easily fixable with a few minutes time and some handsewing. This dress does not disappoint – green to coordinate with my red hair (a combination I love but try not to utilize too much so it’s not overused; aka I like it but am also a bit annoyed that people always want to put redheads in green), a separate slip that can be worn with other things ( I wore it here, with the boxy tunic I crocheted) and full buttons up the front so the dress can be worn over something else like a long vest or just as an extra layer, making it super versatile, the nice gold button detail and shape giving it a retro 20-30s look, and of course the godets in the skirt making it very spin-worthy.

green dress 2

green dress 3

green dress 4

I love the tab and button on the sleeves. Also, my hair’s getting long enough on top to do more braids.

green dress 5

I’ve had these shoes since high school, so for at LEAST seven years! I can’t remember when, exactly, I got them, but I wore them a lot back then. They’ve held up pretty well but I don’t wear them as much lately because I tend to seek comfort in footwear right now. Kind of crazy to think I wore these and other tall wedges all the time in high school. Is this a sign that I’m getting old, or just going through a phase of lazy with footwear? haha. Anyway, I’m glad I pulled them out and wound up wearing them this day. While I think gold shoes would work really well with this dress thanks to the buttons, I love how the blue and green pop against one another.

green dress 6

I wore this dress out for dinner and shopping for random things and necessities with Tanner. No special occasion, I just like to get dressed up sometimes when we go out together; most of the time when I go out of the house it’s in gym clothes so I like dressing up a bit more when I can, and I’ve also always liked to dress up for Tanner. :)

Dress: Paper Doll (Kelsey got it at a local store)
Shoes: Route 66 (very old)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

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