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New Pattern: The Stella Cropped Sweater

Using worsted weight yarn and the crochet star stitch, Stella is a squishy, chunky cropped sweater that’s cozy and warm. You can find the pattern in the tales of butterflies shop here, or over on Ravelry here.

Wifi Wall Prints


I’m so excited to finally have these in the shop! These “wifi” wallhangings are handmade – a print of my original artwork, covered with a sheet of plastic so you can use wet or dry erase markers to write in your home’s wifi password, finished with a handcrocheted trim. Pretty and practical. ;)


Find them in the shop here!

Waters Wares Pattern: The Livvie Cowl


I’ve been pretty MIA from blogging lately, as I’m working on patterns and spending time with my new kiddo, but here’s a little update – a new pattern!




You can find it in the shop here!

Even though I haven’t been very active on the blog since having the baby, I do post in-progress shots and little updates pretty regularly on Instagram, so check it out if you’d like. :)

The Ella Muscle Tee Pattern


I now have another PATTERN available in my shop! It’s for this lovely little crochet muscle tee.


It’s such a simple shape, but, I think, looks really chic.



The pattern has directions for the top and an optional skirt. Hope you like it! Check it out at the link below. :)

The Ella Muscle Tee Pattern

The Lillian Pleated Skirt Pattern


Exciting news!! After working on getting this together this last month – typing the pattern up, editing, getting photos, re-editing, more editing just for good measure – the pattern for my pleated skirt is now available in the shop! I had so many requests for a pattern after the skirt was shared on Instagram, so here ya’ go!





The pattern includes directions and picture guides to creating the waistband, pleats, and pockets, and is available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Right-Handed Version

Left-Handed Version

Pattern Editing


Writing this pattern was simple; I’ve gotten into the habit of writing my patterns down as I make them, for the most part. Editing it to get it ready for the shop has taken a good bit of time, though, because this particular pattern involves a few techniques that need more detailed directions than most patterns. This meant getting lots of pictures, then editing all those pictures, putting them in the written pattern, and making sure directions are hopefully clear and understandable.

I tried to get pictures on clear days, so that the light coming though my window would be more consistent, and several days where I had planned to shoot turned out to be overcast and rainy. But finally, I have all the pictures needed.

On top of all this, I’m making the pattern in right-handed and left-handed versions. I crochet left-handed, but I know that the majority don’t. I also know from being a left-handed crocheter that there aren’t a lot of patterns that cater to lefty crocheting, and sometimes following patterns can get a bit confusing because of this. Making these two versions meant editing pictures doubly – once for lefties, and then again flipped for righties, and putting those pictures into two separate files. Sort of extra work, but worth it, in my opinion, because since this pattern has a lot of pictures, people can now choose the orientation that best makes sense to them. No headaches or confusion from having to reverse directions in your head.

I’m still finishing up the last few bits, but I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer until the pattern is ready and in the shop! It should be a great project and garment for fall and winter. Keep an eye on the shop for the pattern’s release.

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