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Waters Wears: Lace Embellished Tee

I’ve been wanting to get back into sharing outfit posts more regularly, so here’s a little one. I’m really pleased with this new lace top I got recently. I’ve been looking for t-shirts that have a bit of embellishment, like a floral print, polka dots, lace, etc. I have a good set of solid color tees now, and since I wear them a lot around the house but also out and about, I’ve been getting a little bored with them.

When I originally started posting outfits, one of the goals was to share outfits that included an item of clothing or accessory that I’d made, altered, or mended in some way. I made this necklace years ago and I still like it.

I wore this to my younger cousin’s baby shower. A little dressy, but also comfortable for chasing my nearly two-year-old around trying to keep him from destroying things. (Oh, toddlers.)

Waters Wears: Grey Days

grey days 1

Is it a stretch to compare the last couple weeks with an outfit? Haha. Weather wise, we’ve had crazy mini rainstorms off and on – literally, the sky will fall out one minute, then it will be sunny and clear, then a few moments later we’re back to storming again. Tanner and I have both been battling various sicknesses and some other struggles over this time. I personally feel like I’ve been in a fog of tiredness the past few months or so, whether related to constant allergy battles or not, I don’t know. But, and here comes the analogy, just like the grey dress, though grey, it’s by far not ugly, and these grey days aren’t all bad. The rain, although aiding in the issue of grass and weed growth in our garden, has also helped veggies start growing, and we’ve found ourselves with an abundance of squash and others on the way. And though we’ve been sick, I’ve enjoyed time with Tanner alone, just the two of us. That’s why I really wound up loving this outfit, the pops of color in the necklace and shoes against a pretty, albeit grey, background.

grey days 2

grey days 3

grey days 4

This dress was given to me by my good friend and cousin, Elise, who helped with these pictures a while back, along with some other clothing. I plan on going through these clothes with my sister-in-law, Mae, and as this was actually the dress Elise wore in Mae’s wedding, it feels like it should end up with Mae should she want it. I just happened to find it in my closet and pull it out on a day I felt like wearing a dress or skirt that was comfy and light for the hot summer weather.

grey days 5

grey days 6

grey days 7

The best friend, Kelsey, was around when these pictures were taken, and she always seems to bring out the silly in me. This was another pop of color; Kelsey and I don’t get to see each other as often as we used to, so getting to hang out with her for a day was really nice.

grey days 8

Dress: Speechless (several years old)
Shoes: Call It Spring
Necklace: made by me

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