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Waters Wears: Striped Tunic First Draft






I completed this first draft of a tunic earlier this year. It features a high-low hem and high slits on the sides, along with leather button loops on the sleeves.

While I’m hoping to release the pattern for this tunic sometime next year, there are a few changes to be made first. Mainly, the neckline is wider than I intended, even after altering and adjusting it while making this first draft. I’m still happy with it, though – the rest of it turned out pretty much like I’d pictured, and it’s received so many nice compliments any time I’ve worn it (which is great to hear as the designer).

The next step is to work up a second version and make the intended changes, then I’ll get pictures and begin editing and finalizing the pattern.

Psst: If you’d like to keep up with day-to-day behind-the-scenes of my design process and projects, I’m pretty active on my Instagram account.

Crocheted Open-Side Tunic-Dress

open side tunic 1

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I actually like it a lot better than I thought I would. I’ve been wanting to do an open-sided tunic/shirt/something for a long time now, inspired by muscle tees. Finally the inspiration was sparked after seeing this knitted project. As you can see, the inspiration I took from that piece was mostly the general shape. I used a simple stitch for this project (my go-to treble crochet in worsted weight with a 9.00mm hook, except on the waistband) so that I could work out the shapes of the top sections, waistband, and skirt without distraction from a more complicated stitch.

open side tunic 2

Another reason for using this loose stitch was because I wanted drape in the neckline without having to crochet separate straps; the front and back of the top section are worked in one piece, leaving a hole for the neck. I wasn’t sure how much drape I’d get, but this neckline stays comfortably off the neck and lays really well, in my opinion.

The waistband was meant to sit on the hips so I originally intended to use a smaller hook for the single crochet stitches used there, but after a few tries decided it was safer, and that I’d get the effect I wanted anyway, using the same hook I used for the treble crochet rows. After washing and wearing it, though, the waistband is slightly looser than I wanted, so I might size down one hook size when making this again.

open side tunic 3

open side tunic 4

open side tunic 5

I think this piece will be great for fall, and it can be worn over a slip (I’m planning on eventually making some simple slips to go along with these dresses i keep making) as a straight up dress, or layered with pants, a tank top, jackets, etc.

That’s it for today! Hope you have a beautiful week!

Tunic/Dress: made by me
Necklace: from my mother; Sara Coventry
Shoes: Faded Glory
Tanktop: No Boundaries
Shorts: old leggings cut off

Project-Styled Outfits

I’ve tried a few little crochet experiments the past couple weeks and I wanted to share them here. (By the way, if you check out my Instagram I sometimes share sneak peeks and work-in-progress shots, and also copious amounts of cat photos. So if you’re into that :), give it a look.)

green boxy dress 1

I mentioned in a post a little while ago a list of crochet projects I wanted to try, and I’m thinking I can technically mark “make a boxy top” off my list. I’m pretty satisfied with this first one, and it’s so simple that it can be easily altered ie. changing length/width/stitch pattern/sleeves or no sleeves, which makes me even happier with it.

green boxy dress 2

I was going to try a more open stitch, but I decided I wanted to see what it looked like with triple crochet/9mm hook/Caron Simply Soft. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, and I also think this top might look great in a Solomon’s Knot stitch.

green boxy top 3

I decided to go with a little bit of a longer length probably from being inspired by the style of the likes of Hackwith Design House, Martha W. McQuade, and tons of baggy, boxy tunics and dresses on Pinterest. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this tunic/dress thing, and there are only maybe a few slight tweaks I’d make. I won’t be wearing it out until it gets a bit chillier, however; it’s way to hot to even be thinking about wearing a full crochet dress right now.

The next couple outfits I put together to style some jewelry I’ve made recently. While I’m definitely an amateur when it comes to jewelry, I do play around with it (mostly crochet-related) occasionally, as you may have seen before here and here. This time I’ve been experimenting with crocheted tube beads and having probably more fun than I should have making Tunisian crochet rings and bracelets from mercerized cotton thread.

white shirt 1

white shirt 2

white shirt 3

white shirt 4

Love that two-toned bracelet.

Outfit Details: Top: Beall’s, Tanktop: from a Fruit Of The Loom mens small four pack, Shorts: Beta House, Shoes: Faded Glory, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelet: made by me

floral top 1

I threw this outfit together from some things I’ve worn recently just to share this jewelry, but I really, really like it! I’m probably gonna’ wear some form of it out as soon as I have a reason to. It’s just so colorful and lovely.

floral top 2

floral top 3

floral top 4

Outfit Details: Top: Love J (was given to me and is pretty old), Shorts: Rue 21, Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelet: made by me.

So there you have it! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and week. God bless!

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