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Fall-Winter 2016

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Fall-Winter 2016 is here. The little collection is made up of mix and match hats, scarves, cowl, and gloves available in 8 color combos. Some designs are returning from previous years, some are brand new. And a few other random items are available again in the shop also, like the crocheted men’s tie and Collector’s Drawstring Bag. Have a look here, and go get you some cozy goodness!

Let’s Talk About: A Crochet Tie

crochet tie 1

I have a hard time finding things to crochet for men besides hats that I actually think men would like or wear. A tie seemed like a good idea. I’ve seen a few crocheted ties online before, but none exactly like what I was wanting – one shaped like a traditional tie, with a triangular point at the bottom.

crochet tie 2

crochet tie 3

crochet tie 4

After a few – some slightly frustrating – attempts at figuring out a pattern and design that worked right, I found my way to this slanted rows style, worked from the wide triangular tip up. It was the only way I could get the decreases to not look so obvious or make the tie shape wacky. You can still tell a little where the decreases are, but the slanted rows help the decrease placement to vary, and I’m hoping once the tie has been blocked the edges will look straighter and more satisfactory. Other than that there are a few small things I want to alter about the pattern, but I’m pleased with this attempt and pretty excited with how it turned out. It’s definitely a start.

crochet tie 5

I used a scrap of leather for the keeper loop on the back. I think adding this loop makes the tie look much more professionally made, and it’s also just practical, of course.

crochet tie 6

(You can see in this picture that the wide tip of the tie is a bit wonky, something blocking might help or maybe fix, but I’m hoping to remedy with a few small alterations to the pattern on my next attempt.)

crochet tie 7

What do you think? Would the men in your life wear this? I did have one of my guy friends say that it was, quote, “Badass,” haha, which was encouraging, I guess. I’m planning on making a few more similar to this one, and maybe trying some other stitches and styles, eventually, but I’d like to know if people would even be interested in them. Let me know what you think!

Crochet Tie: handmade by me with Caron Simply Soft and scrap leather

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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