Around Here


These are mostly for me. Just pictures of things that have significance to me lately. Pictured above: raw local honey.


“Russian” Spice Tea.


Phoenix napping in the window.


Teacakes, I learned to make them from my Grandma Boots. She used to make them every holiday, and when she got too sick to, I started making them for her. :)


Early. Freckle-nose. :P


I never really liked banana and peanut butter sandwiches growing up, but I kind of like it now. I went on a kick a few weeks back of having banana and peanut butter on toast for breakfast.


Dragon, who often looks away from the camera when I try to get pictures of him. :)


I’ve been wanting to try weaving. Makeshift loom made from scrap wood, cut, sanded, and painted, and little nails. It works well. :)

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