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Waters Wears: A Bit of Fall in Winter


It’s been in the thirties or lower around here lately, but this past weekend we had a few warmer days. It was honestly hard to believe we could be outside without heavy coats on and feel comfortable.




I got some pictures of Tanner, too, because, well, I kinda’ like him ;), and even though we didn’t stay outside very long (we’re both dealing with bad sinus infections right now) it was still a pleasant few moments.


After accidentally damaging one of my two pairs of boots, and having been looking for some nice boots for a while, I went with these from Minnetonka. They didn’t take long to break in at all, the insole is possibly the comfiest insole I’ve ever had in a shoe, and the fact that they lace up means they work for people with bigger or smaller calves and that you can wear them with leggings, jeans, thick socks, and several layers of material comfortably.





(Most pictures taken by Tanner.)

Hope you and yours are staying warm if it’s being ridiculously cold where you are. This winter’s supposed to be a doozy.

“Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones.” -Proverbs 16:24

Shirt: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Vest: Decree
Boots: Minnetonka
Jeggings: Faded Glory
Scarf: made by me (similar in the shop here)
Necklace: Vintage Sarah Coventry

Waters Wares Holiday 2014


I didn’t put up an outfit post this week because I knew I’d be announcing this new collection within the week, and I’ve been basically wearing the chunky hat and cowl with every outfit lately in some combination, because it’s cold, and hey, that’s what they’re made for. :)





So the shop, Waters Wares is up and running with lots of other items, too, but this is just a little holiday collection I wanted to make. All these items are available in special colorways and will be in the shop until New Year’s, but be sure to order by November 24th if you want your items in time for Christmas.

Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week, even if you’re battling the cold like we are. God bless!

Waters Wears: Cold Weather

cold weather1

In case you didn’t know, it got cold this weekend. I’m not ready for fall to be over yet, but at least I got to wear some of my crochet things out, along with this lovely sweater dress my old Sunday school teacher got me several years ago.

cold weather2

This one. He’s a mix, but has a lot of the Siamese personality – very doglike; loyal and likes to be near you, likes to sleep on your face. He stood outside the door meowing until I let him in, then once he discovered the tripod and camera, proceeded to start playing, attacking and biting them. In an attempt to get him to stop and with the thought, “Hey, cat pictures are always cute,” I picked him up. What you’re seeing here is him lovingly kneading my face, purring all the while. All this crochet and knitwear on me and he wants to knead my face. Oh, well. Haha.

cold weather3

I’ve had these boots for several years and they’ve held up well through me wearing them almost constantly the past few fall/winters. The paint splatters and spots are from when my husband and I painted our house last summer.

cold weather4

By the way, I’ve started a little crochet shop here. You can find the hat and scarf I’m wearing there, as well as some other cold weather crochet goodies.

Hope you’re having a lovely day! God bless!

Dress: gift
Leggings: Faded Glory
Socks: Costco
Boots: Kohl’s (but several years old)
Scarf and Beanie: made by me

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