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Let’s Talk About: Moss Stitch

moss stitch 1

I’ve been using just plain ol’ triple crochet in a lot of the things I’ve made lately, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve been wanting to play around with more stitches again; have some variety in my designs. I’ve recently designed a couple hats using bulky weight yarn and I knew I wanted a dense, textured stitch for the first one. A while back I found this nifty little book of knit and crochet stitches in my mom’s collection of needlework books called a Dell Purse Book, “Pattern Stitches, 90 knitting and crochet patterns, with detailed directions and photos.” It was published in 1972 and contains short and to-the-point directions for basic knit and crochet stitches as well as a good bit of pattern stitches. In it I found a version of the moss stitch that uses single crochet and double crochet stitches as opposed to the more common chain and single crochet version. I really like the texture it creates, and though I originally looked it up for one hat, I got so inspired to make the second one, which is the one you see pictured above.

moss stitch 2

Now, if you are a crocheter, than you may be able to tell that this hat was worked from the top down, with increases throughout to aid in the shaping. This version of the moss stitch creates an uneven edged row, so when I knew I wanted to make a hat top down, I tried looking around online for how to increase in this stitch. Of course, I kept finding things for the chain 1, single crochet 1 version, and although I tried a few of those just to see, as well as some others idea I had, I finally decided to just increase the way I would a normal hat/stitch. As you can see, even though the row created by this stitch is uneven, increasing this way worked out just fine. So that was cool. :)

In the end, I really like how this hat, and the other one, turned out. This stitch is easy to make (the only part that’s a bit tricky is keeping up with your increase stitches while going sc, dc, sc, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it’s not so bad), and another thing I love is that even while using bulky yarn, with which you get less yardage in a skein than most worsted weights, these hats are made up using just under a skein, so that means no joining new yarn within the hat. I am all about things being crocheted as efficiently as possible, and less joins means a more durable item.

This stitch, especially with a nice, chunky yarn, has become a favorite for me right now. It seems just great and cozy for the upcoming fall and winter.

Crochet And Leather Drawstring Pouches

crochet drawstring pouches 1

crochet drawstring pouches 2

I love using crochet and leather together. And I also love crocheting pouches and bags, but I often forget to. I made a couple of these for my husband and myself and wound up liking them enough that I’ve decided to make more.

crochet drawstring pouches 3

As far as making goes, these are pretty simple and great for using up yarn scraps and playing around with striping combinations. If you’re into tabletop rpgs these make great little dice bags, but I also imagine kiddos using them to keep little treasures they find – rocks, coins, flowers, etc. Maybe you could even use one as a coin purse.

crochet drawstring pouches 4

crochet drawstring pouches 5

These are pretty simple to make, I think even for a beginner crocheter, and I’ll probably be putting up a tutorial soon, though if you’d still like one but don’t want to make it, I’m planning on selling these in my upcoming online shop (I’ll be sure to post about it when it officially opens).

*Tutorial is up now*

Hope you guys are having a great day. Sorry I’ve been a bit sporadic with posting lately. God bless! :)

Crocheted Open-Side Tunic-Dress

open side tunic 1

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I actually like it a lot better than I thought I would. I’ve been wanting to do an open-sided tunic/shirt/something for a long time now, inspired by muscle tees. Finally the inspiration was sparked after seeing this knitted project. As you can see, the inspiration I took from that piece was mostly the general shape. I used a simple stitch for this project (my go-to treble crochet in worsted weight with a 9.00mm hook, except on the waistband) so that I could work out the shapes of the top sections, waistband, and skirt without distraction from a more complicated stitch.

open side tunic 2

Another reason for using this loose stitch was because I wanted drape in the neckline without having to crochet separate straps; the front and back of the top section are worked in one piece, leaving a hole for the neck. I wasn’t sure how much drape I’d get, but this neckline stays comfortably off the neck and lays really well, in my opinion.

The waistband was meant to sit on the hips so I originally intended to use a smaller hook for the single crochet stitches used there, but after a few tries decided it was safer, and that I’d get the effect I wanted anyway, using the same hook I used for the treble crochet rows. After washing and wearing it, though, the waistband is slightly looser than I wanted, so I might size down one hook size when making this again.

open side tunic 3

open side tunic 4

open side tunic 5

I think this piece will be great for fall, and it can be worn over a slip (I’m planning on eventually making some simple slips to go along with these dresses i keep making) as a straight up dress, or layered with pants, a tank top, jackets, etc.

That’s it for today! Hope you have a beautiful week!

Tunic/Dress: made by me
Necklace: from my mother; Sara Coventry
Shoes: Faded Glory
Tanktop: No Boundaries
Shorts: old leggings cut off

Waters Wears: A Green Dress

green dress 1

This dress was given to me by my friend, and resident dress queen, Kelsey. She’s gotten pretty good at picking good ones, and I was excited that she’d found one and thought of me. A few of the buttons were loose but that was easily fixable with a few minutes time and some handsewing. This dress does not disappoint – green to coordinate with my red hair (a combination I love but try not to utilize too much so it’s not overused; aka I like it but am also a bit annoyed that people always want to put redheads in green), a separate slip that can be worn with other things ( I wore it here, with the boxy tunic I crocheted) and full buttons up the front so the dress can be worn over something else like a long vest or just as an extra layer, making it super versatile, the nice gold button detail and shape giving it a retro 20-30s look, and of course the godets in the skirt making it very spin-worthy.

green dress 2

green dress 3

green dress 4

I love the tab and button on the sleeves. Also, my hair’s getting long enough on top to do more braids.

green dress 5

I’ve had these shoes since high school, so for at LEAST seven years! I can’t remember when, exactly, I got them, but I wore them a lot back then. They’ve held up pretty well but I don’t wear them as much lately because I tend to seek comfort in footwear right now. Kind of crazy to think I wore these and other tall wedges all the time in high school. Is this a sign that I’m getting old, or just going through a phase of lazy with footwear? haha. Anyway, I’m glad I pulled them out and wound up wearing them this day. While I think gold shoes would work really well with this dress thanks to the buttons, I love how the blue and green pop against one another.

green dress 6

I wore this dress out for dinner and shopping for random things and necessities with Tanner. No special occasion, I just like to get dressed up sometimes when we go out together; most of the time when I go out of the house it’s in gym clothes so I like dressing up a bit more when I can, and I’ve also always liked to dress up for Tanner. :)

Dress: Paper Doll (Kelsey got it at a local store)
Shoes: Route 66 (very old)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

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