Waters Wears: A Favorite Skirt

a favorite skirt 1

For real, though. I received this skirt several years ago when some friends’ had helped their grandmother clean out her closet and we all divided up the skirts and tops we wanted before the rest was donated. It was originally part of a top and bottom set. I love how gentle the colors are in this skirt, very pastel and soft shades of pink, blue and green.

a favorite skirt 2

Sometimes I just really love longer skirts. Nice for slightly colder days, less finicky than short skirts. I often wear this one with a more bohemian look, though (I think thanks to the shoes) it had a more vintage 70s vibe on this day. I also love wearing it with just a plain tank top or t-shirt.

a favorite skirt 3

a favorite skirt 4c

Let the joyous cry of women everywhere ring from my lips, “IT HAS POCKETS!” :)

a favorite skirt 5

If you remember from a while back, this is a collar necklace I made. (I made a post on collar necklaces and styling them here.) I love mixing leather and crochet, and these necklaces are fun to make. So many possibilities with different shapes and stitches.

a favorite skirt 6

a favorite skirt 7

Wedges are a favorite shoe type of mine. I was wanting a new pair since the others I have are at least five, maybe six years old. Originally I was thinking something a little different than these, but when I tried them on they were so comfortable! The reason? Turns out they’re Dr. Scholl’s brand so the insoles are ridiculously nice. Also,the ankle straps are adjustable and since the heels aren’t very high, these wedges might actually be okay to wear walking around the city for a few hours or just for a long day out and about.

A favorite skirt 8

Tank Top: Fruit Of The Loom men’s small, from a four pack
Skirt: Marc Anthony, old
Necklace: made by me
Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

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