Waters Wears: A Crochet Dress/Jumper For Easter

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This was an idea for a dress that was a success! For the most part, at least. I had to shorten the straps after they’d been crocheted on, and there are a few other things about the pattern I want to tweak, but as far as shape and holding up through actual wearing, I’m really pleased.

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I wore this dress for Easter get-togethers with my husband’s family and my own. I was hesitant, as I mostly always am, about wearing something I’ve made out for all the world to see, especially close family and friends. I wasn’t sure about how the dress looked, so I texted my best friend, Kelsey, a picture and asked her if it was cute or weird. The response was that it was cute. Then my husband reassured me several times that it looked cute and he liked it, and that I should wear it. So I went for it. People’s responses were very encouraging, so that was nice.

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Inspiration came from several places – the desire to have some kind of overall like things to wear, trying out a new skirt pattern, this dress from LF Stores (seen on Pinterest).

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While it’s really just a skirt with a couple panels and straps added on, it’s the first really successful, basically full-body crochet project that I’ve felt comfortable wearing and moving around in, and that I’ve worn out and about. I’m really excited about it. It’s just so cool to wear something that you’ve completely made yourself, to look at this item, and then look back on the things you started out making (for me, crochet chains upon crochet chains when I was a kid and hats of all sorts when I got back into crochet as a teenager) and see how far you’re ability has come.

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Though my husband and I didn’t make it to church this Easter, I tried to dwell on what we choose to celebrate this day, along with time spent with family. He is risen, it is finished, and we can live now, too, thanks to Him and His grace and mercy. Hallelujah.

The weather was beautiful, it was fun to see family we don’t get to see for months at a time, and the kiddos were absolutely adorable. Hope you had a beautiful Easter, or just a beautiful weekend in general! God bless, and joy to you!

Crochet Jumper: made by me
Top: Sonoma (several years old)
Shoes: Converse

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