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Friend Style: Girl of 100 Dresses

kelsey 1

This is my friend, Kelsey. Okay, so maybe she only has about 70 dresses or so, but she’s getting there. :) I asked her if we could get some pictures of a few of her favorites and also ask her a few fashion-y questions, and she was cool with it, so off we go! (Oh, and she also brought along a few things I’d crocheted for her over the years, some that I’d completely forgotten about, so that was sweet and cool.)

kelsey 2

Dress: Forever21+, Shoes: Payless Shoe Source, Earrings: Beall’s Outlet, Necklace: gift, GIANT KEY: Beall’s Outlet

kelsey 3

kelsey 4c

1. What was your style like growing up?
My style growing up was whatever my mother forced me to wear, to be honest. So that involved matching everything: Skirts, dresses, shirts, giant flowers in my hair. And, worst of all, overalls. Overalls with Mickey Mouse on them, overalls covered in sunflowers, American pride overalls…all of it.
I didn’t start picking out my own clothing until seventh grade and, well, I went through the goth stage. After that finally fizzled out, I began looking more at stuff that was dressy but also casual. I liked dressing nice to be taken seriously, but I think what really happened is people thought I was a teacher and acted well-behaved in my presence. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the appropriate names for clothing are, so I guess I mostly wore really nice jeans or (occasionally) a nice, long skirt suitable for an office setting. I remember buying a lot of professional looking blouses from the maternity section because of having a too-large chest for the sizes where my age group shopped.

kelsey 5

Dress & Tanktop: Wal*Mart, Shoes: Beall’s Outlet, Earrings:, Purity Ring: Necklace: Costa Rica, “Bracelet”: gift

kelsey 6

2. You were vehemently against dresses when you were younger, what changed that?
It’s only been since 2010 that I became obsessed with dresses. And honestly, I’m not sure what the change was. As a kid it was just simply because it was the main thing my mother would force me to wear and kids wanna rebel from that instinctually. I know what I do like about dresses is the fact I don’t have to match shirts and skirts and tops and blah. I like that a dress is an outfit on its own (so really I’m just lazy). But even with being “lazy”, you can still look really cute or professional or even casual with almost no effort. What’s most time consuming is just doing hair or make-up. Or, if you have a ton of dresses (-nudge, nudge wink, wink-) then you spend an hour trying them all on.

kelsey 7

Dress: Beall’s Outlet, Shoes: Beall’s Outlet, Earrings: Gift, “Bracelet”: gift, Necklace: gifted from me a looong time ago. :P

kelsey 8

3. Do you have a favorite dress, and why is it your favorite?
Usually my favorite dress tends to be the newest one I buy! Haha. If I really have to pick, maybe…this really ruffle-y Easter dress I bought last year. I like that it’s long and elegant and is bright without being blindingly so. It’s kind of prissy, actually, which isn’t usually what I want. I got it because it was going to be my birthday that Easter and also because the dress didn’t have sleeves and I was trying to be brave about showing my arms. I got a ton of compliments on it but mostly it was just fun to wear (and even MORE fun to spin in!).

kelsey 9c

kesley 10

4. What item of attire do you like most, out of clothing, accessories, anything? And why?
I actually really like scarves, but once the weather comes around to wear them I always forget to drag them out of my closet. ): I like all the different ways you can tie and wear them, but of course I never remember how to myself. I also like the variety of them. I feel like I use them more like giant, fluffy necklaces than to actually keep myself warm. I can also wear them as headscarves, though I rarely do.

kelsey 11

Dress: Ross: Dress for Less, Shoes: Beall’s Outlet, Earrings: gift, “Bracelet”: gift, Necklace: gifted from me

kelsey 12

5. What recent fashion trend do you love? Why?
I really love the sudden appearance of bikinis for curvy girls. Not so excited about them being mostly galaxy print, but other than that I think it’s cool we’re finally getting bikinis in bigger sizes that also help support a larger chest size. For me, even a regular bathing suit isn’t really worth buying just because there’s not enough chest support. Just the fact that companies are now making these sorts of swimwear has been inspiring to bigger girls and made them less ashamed of themselves. Because suddenly it’s “socially acceptable” to be big and wear something like this. I just hope when the media stops caring that girls realize they don’t need society’s approval to be proud of their bodies as is.

kelsey 13c

6. What recent fashion trend do you hate? Why?
To be honest, I really can’t stand the leggings for pants trend. They’re not meant for that, they’re meant as a just-in-case under a dress or skirt. I don’t care about body size or what-have-you, I just don’t like the idea of it in general. To me it is tacky and inappropriate for anyone to do: tall, short, fat, thin, male, female, etc. I understand the freedom of dressing how you want, but you should also dress respectfully to yourself and to those around you. As a Christian, I have guy friends who find this to be a stumbling block for their faith but they either a) don’t feel like they’re allowed to say anything because it’s such a wide-spread thing or b) they get attacked by feminists or just really strongly feeling women that their opinion is wrong and they’re over sexualizing a woman. With this trend, you’re already over sexualizing yourself. The majority of leggings are see-through. Or they cling to especially private areas. I just would be really glad to see this trend end and I don’t know if I ever can fully convey that in words.

kelsey 14

kelsey 15

And here are some funsies with both of us. The second one basically describes our friendship in picture form.

On Her: Dress: Ross: Dress for Less, Shoes: The Shoe Dept., Earrings: gift, “Bracelet”: gift, Hairclip: gifted from me a while ago, Necklace: can’t remember

On Me: Top: Old Navy (old), Skirt: Old Navy (old) , Shoes: Faded Glory, Necklace: passed on from friend

Kelsey is one of my closest friends and is pretty much my sister at this point. We’ve been there for each other through so many intense and landmark moments in each others’ lives (my husband even told her about his proposal plan MONTHS before he proposed. Kelsey is great at keeping secrets. lol) She’s one of my favorite people and I’m so blessed to get to call her sister.

Kelsey’s also a crazy fantastic writer, check out some of her stuff on deviantart here.

I hope to do more of these friend features in the future. Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Waters Wears: Blue Flowers

yes 1

I’m kind of loving this shirt right now. It was passed on to me by my sister-in-law, and was always one of my favorite tops of hers. Now that the weather’s warm I’ve worn it several times. I love the neckline, it’s different from all the other tank tops in my wardrobe, but it’s not finicky; it covers regular bra straps well enough.

yes 2

Long pants were fine enough this day, but the next day we finally reached 80+ temperatures, so it may be a while before I attempt to wear pants again. (I was even silly enough to take a 2 1/2 mile walk with friends in this weather, in these pants. So silly, what were we thinking?)

yes 3b

This is Phoenix, our tiny girl cat. She happened to stop and chill for a second in frame.

yes 3

yes 4

I’ve worn this headband before here. Basic headbands like this have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I like that they’re so simple to put on, and can be used to pull bangs back and out of your eyes if desired. One of my favorite things about the fact that I can crochet is that I can quickly whip one of these up if I want. It’s just a simple chain stitch, which was the first stitch my mom taught me and which I would make long, long strands of as a child.

yes 5

yes 6

Top: Old Navy (old)
Jeggings: Faded Glory
Sandals: Faded Glory (several years old)
Headband: made by me

Found Around

Some neat and inspiring things I have found around the internet recently –

This gorgeous high low dress crocheted by Ashlee Elle of Dream In Vintage. I’ve shared her work before here. Her designs are so creative and inspiring, please go take a look.

These Fashionary sketches using flowers and watercolor by Grace Ciao. So beautiful.

This tutorial for a floral table runner from Jes + Em. These girls are from the southern United States like me, and I think it’s safe to say everyone around here is rejoicing that warm weather and new blooms have finally arrived, minus the pollen, of course. This is such a beautiful project and so well-executed. It would be great for a wedding or spring party, or just to have in your home as a happy reminder that the long winter is over and new life is beginning!

Hope these inspire you. Happy day, everyone. God bless!

Waters Wears: A Crochet Dress/Jumper For Easter

yes 1

This was an idea for a dress that was a success! For the most part, at least. I had to shorten the straps after they’d been crocheted on, and there are a few other things about the pattern I want to tweak, but as far as shape and holding up through actual wearing, I’m really pleased.

yes 3

yes 8

I wore this dress for Easter get-togethers with my husband’s family and my own. I was hesitant, as I mostly always am, about wearing something I’ve made out for all the world to see, especially close family and friends. I wasn’t sure about how the dress looked, so I texted my best friend, Kelsey, a picture and asked her if it was cute or weird. The response was that it was cute. Then my husband reassured me several times that it looked cute and he liked it, and that I should wear it. So I went for it. People’s responses were very encouraging, so that was nice.

yes 4

yes 2

yes 10

yes 7

Inspiration came from several places – the desire to have some kind of overall like things to wear, trying out a new skirt pattern, this dress from LF Stores (seen on Pinterest).

yes 9

While it’s really just a skirt with a couple panels and straps added on, it’s the first really successful, basically full-body crochet project that I’ve felt comfortable wearing and moving around in, and that I’ve worn out and about. I’m really excited about it. It’s just so cool to wear something that you’ve completely made yourself, to look at this item, and then look back on the things you started out making (for me, crochet chains upon crochet chains when I was a kid and hats of all sorts when I got back into crochet as a teenager) and see how far you’re ability has come.

yes 5

yes 6

Though my husband and I didn’t make it to church this Easter, I tried to dwell on what we choose to celebrate this day, along with time spent with family. He is risen, it is finished, and we can live now, too, thanks to Him and His grace and mercy. Hallelujah.

The weather was beautiful, it was fun to see family we don’t get to see for months at a time, and the kiddos were absolutely adorable. Hope you had a beautiful Easter, or just a beautiful weekend in general! God bless, and joy to you!

Crochet Jumper: made by me
Top: Sonoma (several years old)
Shoes: Converse

In Progress

yes 1

These are just a few projects I have been working on or have finished the past few months. Some are tests for patterns I’m working on, others are fun little experiments or things I can whip up easily in a day. All made for various reasons. I think it will be neat to look back on these “in progress” shots in the months to come and see how some of these unfinished projects have come along and how my designs have improved and changed as I continue to try out my patterns and ideas.

yes 2

yes 3

yes 4
(I have to say, I love this photo!)

yes 5

yes 6

yes 7

yes 8

I love seeing other people’s work photos, so I hope you like this little glimpse of mine. Feel free to share links to your works in progress or recently finished. I’d love to see them!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Waters Wears: First Sandals of the Year

fringe vest 1

Yes, this is the first day of the year that it was warm enough and dry enough on a day that I happened to go out for me to wear sandals, and it was wonderful.

fringe vest 2

fringe vest 3

It was sunny with a nice breeze. I’ve been hesitant these last few weeks to be convinced that warm weather is finally here to stay, but maybe us Southerners can finally start to believe that winter is really over.

fringe vest 4

This vest may be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Perhaps partly for the variety of stitches involved that give it detail, perhaps because it turned out such a success, but definitely because of the mixmatched buttons. All of them are vintage from various stashes at my late grandmother’s house. I had planned on selling this vest, but once I put the buttons on it, I fell in love with it. This is really the first time I’ve worn it out since I made it last year.

fringe vest 5-6

The headband is a simply a crocheted flower with a chain stitched on. A simple project that whips up quickly and would be great for beginner crocheters.

fringe vest 7

My friend Elise helped me with these photos, the location and poses were basically all her ideas, and I love how they turned out! Elise was first an acquaintance, then a friend, then a cousin (We met through my cousin when they were dating, and now they’re married!), but she is really more like a sister to me. Her presence and friendship truly are a blessing in my life.

fringe vest 8

We had a few bee friends around while we were shooting these photos, and I had to try and get a shot of one as they buzzed around the weeds and wildflowers because they made me happy as such a definitive sign of spring.

fringe vest 9

In spite of being plagued with a sinus infection at the peak of runny nose, sneezy, phlegm-y nastiness, this was a wonderful day spent hanging out with several friends, enjoying fellowship and time spent together and this beautiful warm weather.

Vest: made by me
Tank Top: No Boundaries (it’s one with a built-in bra)
Jeans: Forever 21
Sandals: Faded Glory (but they’re several years old)
Headband: made by me

Found Around

Some cool and inspiring things I’ve found around the internet recently –

This tutorial from Melody of Melmaria Designs on using crocheted flowers for printmaking. So cool and clever, and the resulting prints are just lovely!

This crochet top from Silvia66 on Etsy. The neckline is so unique and pretty!

This photoset of a needlefelted giraffe in various stages from Teresa Perleberg of Bear Creek Felting. I love the realism and how delicate the felting is.

Have a beautiful and joyful day!

Tutorial: Crochet Box Pleats Two Ways

crochet pleats tutorial 1

Several months ago I was searching online for a guide to making crochet box pleats, but all I found was guides for stitches that were more like gathered fabric than pleating. The closest I found, and it is a very great tutorial, was this post on crochet pleats from April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio. It goes along with a pattern of hers for a girls jumper that was published in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2010. It was very, very helpful and I’d recommend a look at it.

However, since there is a lack of tutorials for this crochet skill online where there are multiple guides for many others, I thought I’d try making a basic guide including two ways of making crochet box pleats. The first way is basically the same as Banana Moon Studio’s guide, while the second is different.

This post is quite long, so click through the jump to see the full post.

Continue reading

Waters Wears: Double Stripes

double stripes yes 1

And after not having a high low dress until just a few weeks ago, I now have another! My friend found this one at Sears. I wouldn’t normally be drawn to this blue-green shade, but I’ve wound up really liking this dress. Goes to show that taking your friends’ clothing suggestions can sometimes lead to a happy surprise. Though I’ve only worn it once, I think this may be one of my favorite dresses.

double stripes yes 2

Though it’s been warmer in general around here most days, this particular day was a little chilly, so I wore the dress with leggings and a jacket.

double stripes yes 3

double stripes yes 4

double stripes yes 5

I got this jacket from my sister-in-law after she cleaned out her wardrobe. She cut thumbholes into her sleeves often, a practice of which I am in support.

double stripes yes 6

double stripes yes 7

The necklace is crocheted in a way that’s been popular for decades. Beads are preloaded onto the thread, then crocheted onto a simple chain at different intervals. These necklaces are quick and fun to make, as you can vary the style just by using different threads, thread length, colors, beads, and amounts of beads.

double stripes yes 8

double stripes yes 9

double stripes yes 10

I really loved all the colors in this outfit and the way they worked together. It’s a very happy outfit, and the dress is super comfortable. It was definitely good for a day going to church and spending time with friends.

Dress: Joe Boxer
Jacket: Old Navy (but at least several years old)
Leggings: No Boundaries
Necklace: made by me
Socks: Costco
Shoes: Converse

Waters Wears: Alpine Influence?

Alp influence yes 1

Maybe it’s the fedora, but this outfit reminds me of German/Austrian attire. My husband and I actually have authentic lederhosen and dirndl, but that is another photoset for another day. Many people don’t like fedoras, but I do like them and feel there is a way to wear them that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. I think they can look especially cute paired with some simple flats.

Alp influence yes 2

This shirt is one I took from the few clothes my mom had saved from her childhood. It’s one of my favorites. I especially like it because it’s long, something you don’t always find in plaid button ups.

Alp influence yes 3

The belt is one I crocheted maybe three or four years ago, and I wear it a lot, either as a belt or headband. It’s a pretty simple design and has held up well over the years. It’s one of the pieces that I’ve worn out and had people ask me if I can make them one of their own, so that’s pretty cool!

Alp influence yes 4

Guys, I really love this fedora. My husband got it for me because I mentioned that I’d wanted one for years, literally YEARS, and I wear it so much. Definitely one of my favorite clothing items right now.

Alp influence yes 5

I love the ruching on these shorts, and the fact that they’re longer than most short shorts, but they do have the weirdest way of doing pockets, haha.

Alp influence yes 6

I wore this for another day walking around the city. Walking around two cities, to be exact. My husband helped with a few of the pictures this time around, too.

Fedora: World Market
Shirt: vintage, El Rancho Western Shirt
Tank Top: No Boundaries (it’s one of those with a built-in bra)
Crochet Flower Belt: made by me
Shorts: Bongo
Belt: came with shorts
Shoes: Faded Glory

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