Let’s Talk About: A Sorbet Summer Crop Top


I love this color combination! The particular shades remind me of sorbet. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in the colors Sunshine, Plum Wine, and Persimmon. Although it’s still not even quite spring here, I’m getting tired of wintry weather, and am anticipating the warmer days ahead.


I had been wanting to make a crop top of this shape for some time now. This piece is made in one of my favorite stitches for this type of yarn, a simple triple crochet done with an N-9.00mm hook so that the stitch is very loose. It was worked in a front and back panel, with sleeves added on later. Though I wanted the neckline to be wide, I misjudged the size and made it too big, so I had to add some rows around it after piecing the front and back together to make it smaller. Although I think this is a fine solution for many pieces, I feel like it shows too much on this top since the stitches are so big. Of course, this was just the first attempt, and these issues can be remedied. When I make another, I’d like to get the neck size correct and be able to have the original look I wanted, with only the front and back panels and a simple border stitch to tidy up the neckline.


One thing I really like about this top is the high-low, split-side bottom hem. I’ve been wanting to try this style of hem since seeing this knit dress. Although I don’t knit, I love the shape of this dress and how simple the pattern is. If you knit, you should give it a try. I really like the way this hem turned out and I definitely want to use it again on other tops.


I don’t know if I will wear this top or try to make another and improve upon it using what I’ve learned from the mistakes in this one, just because I know it could be done better. But either way, I’m very glad it turned out as well as it did and the color combination makes me so happy!

Crochet Crop Top: made by me

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