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A Few Things


I haven’t been as active here on the blog as I’ve wanted to be the past couple weeks. Tiredness has set in again in the third trimester, and although it’s not as bad as the fatigue of the first, it still has me going a bit slower and needing more breaks.

There are things I’d like to do crochetwise for the blog, but I haven’t been able to focus, or move, well (the latter thanks to a fun new pregnancy pain issue).

I’ve also been wearing mostly tees and shorts, things for comfort, or the same tops over and over again, as I have tried my best to buy only a minimal amount of maternity clothes for this pregnancy, so I haven’t had any outfits I’ve felt were post-worthy. I might have a few from the next few weekends, though. We’ll see.

I know that this is a season, just like any other time, and that, especially once the baby’s born and I’m adjusting to taking care of a little one full time, these periods of tiredness and activity will pass, will ebb and flow. I’m looking forward to getting that time with my baby, though. It’s coming so soon! And even though we’re still working on his room and preparing for him, I’m getting impatient.

I haven’t been completely unproductive, though. There will be a limited quantity of fall/winter hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves up in the shop sometime in the next few days, and I might add a few more patterns before baby arrives. :)

Around Here


Around here (not so) lately, as the first few pictures were taken months ago, before first trimester fatigue kept me from even feeling like simply posting pictures. :) Above, Dragon napping by the window.


A picture I didn’t realize was slightly blurry when I took it – my second weaving, made with my little makeshift loom, and hanging out with a beautiful little watercolor by my sister-in-law.


Some things I drew for a baby shower thrown for a dear friend. Little one is now here and is super precious.


A very recent photo,unedited, from the pattern I’m putting together for my pleated skirt.

Hopefully I’ll get some more random pictures in the next few weeks, as I’m getting back into the swing of things thanks to second trimester regained energy.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Waters Wears: Crochet Pleated Skirt


I started this skirt MONTHS ago, probably at least last summer, stopped working on it for a while (not because I was frustrated with it or anything like that, I was just working on other things), then picked it up and finished it just before Christmas. I’m really pleased with it.



It’s honestly a really easy item to just throw on and mix and match with winter layers, and I think it’ll be great in spring and summer, too. I made it to fit high waisted (a personal favorite waist height), but the elastic is strong enough that it can be worn closer to the hips, too. It’s also just really comfortable.



In reality, the overall time for making this skirt is probably less than a week, working a few hours a day, especially after getting the pleat forming down, even though it took me longer – Honestly, I had been working on it pretty leisurely, while my husband and some friends played tabletop, then I joined them, so I put the skirt away to focus on learning what I was doing. That’s why it got pushed aside for so long.


All in all, one of my favorite projects I’ve written and made; it works up well and also looks okay when worn.

(Pictures taken by my husband.)

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

UPDATE: There is now a pattern for this skirt available here, in my online shop.

Top: Faded Glory
Scarf: unknown
Skirt: made by me
Tights: gift
Socks: Forever 21
Boots: Minnetonka

Waters Wears: Cold Weather

cold weather1

In case you didn’t know, it got cold this weekend. I’m not ready for fall to be over yet, but at least I got to wear some of my crochet things out, along with this lovely sweater dress my old Sunday school teacher got me several years ago.

cold weather2

This one. He’s a mix, but has a lot of the Siamese personality – very doglike; loyal and likes to be near you, likes to sleep on your face. He stood outside the door meowing until I let him in, then once he discovered the tripod and camera, proceeded to start playing, attacking and biting them. In an attempt to get him to stop and with the thought, “Hey, cat pictures are always cute,” I picked him up. What you’re seeing here is him lovingly kneading my face, purring all the while. All this crochet and knitwear on me and he wants to knead my face. Oh, well. Haha.

cold weather3

I’ve had these boots for several years and they’ve held up well through me wearing them almost constantly the past few fall/winters. The paint splatters and spots are from when my husband and I painted our house last summer.

cold weather4

By the way, I’ve started a little crochet shop here. You can find the hat and scarf I’m wearing there, as well as some other cold weather crochet goodies.

Hope you’re having a lovely day! God bless!

Dress: gift
Leggings: Faded Glory
Socks: Costco
Boots: Kohl’s (but several years old)
Scarf and Beanie: made by me

Found Around

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it was time to share a few lovely things I’ve found around the internet again. Check ’em out! :)

Loving the jewelry of BlueBirdLab. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop.

Loving the crochet of Allison Lynn Handcraft. She makes cowls, hats, baskets, and more, all of which you can find in her Etsy shop. This particular bag, pictured above, is from her Summer 2014 mini collection, and was made in honor of her mother. All proceeds from it will go to her mother’s medical costs.

This tutorial for a padded camera bag insert from Ashley of Make It & Love It is a few years old, but since I just bought a new camera and camera bags are ridiculously expensive, I think I’m gonna’ try this. Maybe it’ll be helpful for some of you, out there, too.

And lastly, an interesting spin on breakfast yogurt from Because I’m Addicted. Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day ( I wish I could just skip it and get on with what I have to do for the day) but it’s also neccessary, so I love finding healthy ways to mix it up. I don’t like nuts, though, but I’m sure you could play around with this recipe and find something that works for you as far as toppings and ingredients go. It’s a great starting off point, at the very least. :)

Well, after weeks of people talking online of how fall weather was here and people in the South going, “Pshhh, not in this 90+ degree weather,” it seems we’ve finally been hit with some cooler days. I’m hoping it’ll last us a while before the freezing cold of winter arrives; we haven’t had much of a fall or spring the past few years.

Hope you’ve having a beautiful day! God bless!

In Progress

in progress 2

I guess this could technically be called another Project-Styled Outfits, but all the crochet pieces you see here are designs I’ve been working on the past several weeks.

in progress 1

The first hat above is the same hat pictured in this post, just in a different color, and the second hat above is the other one I mention in that post. I don’t usually go for more cutesy hats and things, but I kept seeing these understated, “cat ear-shaped” beanies and actually really liked the effect, so I decided to try designing one of my own.

in progress 3

A lot of crocheters are big on making boot cuffs, but I’m not really into those. I do love legwarmers, however. I had a few pairs growing up but always felt conscious of my bigger calves once I put them on, so not long and thin like most legwarmer-wearers in pictures I’d seen, but they’re just one of my favorite clothing items and the older I’ve gotten I’ve embraced my body shape even more, so I definitely plan to wear these once it gets cold enough to warrant it.

in progress 4

This top is just a skirtless version of this tunic dress, and I love them both so much! I was inspired by the muscle tee trend for these, and it’s so cool to have a crochet version that’s easy to wear. Such a simple shape and stitch, but I love the open sides and the overall look. The shape pairs well with a long, stand-out necklace, and this top-only version works great over tank tops and dresses.

in progress 5

This bag is probably one of the designs I’ve made that I’m most pleased with. It took a lot longer than most things I make, with several sessions of rows and rows of frogging as I worked on getting the size right, as well as finding the best stitching for the strap (I wanted it wide for comfort but not stretchy). It’s very technically sound, and I think one of the reasons I’m so pleased with it is that I can see in the design and the process of making it how far I’ve come as a crocheter and designer.

Pretty sure most of these, if not all, will be available in my upcoming shop. :) So exciting!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. God bless!

A Project List (Of Sorts)

ideas and list

This vacation left me feeling kind of renewed with energy for designing and making. I came back not really with new ideas, but with a hunger for inspiration and to try crocheting some things I’ve had on a sort-of list off and on in my mind and scattered about various notebooks and post-its for a while now. Some of these are just pattern ideas I have, others are playing around with certain crochet methods I just haven’t had much experience with. So I decided to post an actual list here (of at least the things I can think of now; I can always add more) on the blog, to actually have it better pinned down. Maybe I’ll get to some of these in the next few months, maybe I won’t, and this thing’ll be a total fail, haha. Guess we’ll see together.

Here it is –

– try a ribbed waistband for skirt/dress
– try embroidery on crochet!
– play around with mesh style crochet
– kind of related to the above, play around with filet crochet in garments
– make a boxy top design
– make a high low style tank (similar to the hem here) using my fav combo of Caron Simply Soft/N-9.00mm hook/trc

And that’s what I’m listing for now. Some of these have more detailed bits, such as shall I make the boxy top in two pieces and put together, perhaps adding sleeves, or do I want to make it in one piece, simply seaming up the sides and adding sleeves? Really I want to do both. :)

I’m wanting to play around with a few new jewelry ideas I’ve got, too.

Have a beautiful day!

Yarn Storage and Pattern Tests

crop top yarn storage 2

For YEARS I’ve wanted glass front storage for my yarn, so that I can see all the colors but it’s all protected from the cats, mice (I lived in front of a cow pasture growing up so mice and rats were common, and one day I had an unfortunate, stressful event involving two adorable little mice and my entire yarn stash, not cool), and anything else. A few weeks ago I got this cabinet from my Nana just for that purpose and man, does it make such a difference! I love being able to see all my yarn, it helps me see types and colors I had forgotten about or not been so inclined to use, and to know what I’m running low on or out of so that I can be more efficient when I buy new yarn.

crop top yarn storage

After a few weeks of struggle with patterns failing and just not working, I was reminded of one of my favorite yarn/stitch/hook size combinations and utilized it in a new way in a fringe crop top and this experiment above. I wanted to try changing hook sizes to create a waist, and while this top turned out okay, I think the method would work better for what I want using smaller hooks than what I used (or maybe increasing the width of the waist, since what really bothers me is how the stitches stretch out when the top is worn, and I’d like a more solid look), although I do like the colors in this top and the general idea. I’m not sure I’ll make more exactly like this one, though.

crop top yarn storage 3

The cabinet has also become Phoe-bug’s favorite new nap spot for now. She’s even up there sleeping at this moment.

Anyway, hope you’re having a good week. God bless ya’!

Waters Wears: Brown and Blue

brown and blue 1

Here’s the skirt I mentioned in my last post. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I meant for it to be a bit longer. I’m really into wearing stuff high-waisted lately, and the cool thing about these skirts I’ve been making is that while the elastic in the waistband is cut to fit the waist, it’s strong and stretchy enough that it can be worn and any level between waist and hips. As such, however, I think the skirt needs to be just a tad bit longer so that it’s a little more comfortable to wear (at least personally) at waist level. I am wearing my trusty cut off leggings/shorts under this skirt, though, as I almost always do with skirts and dresses.

brown and blue 2

brown and blue 3

brown and blue 4

brown and blue 5

This skirt has a bit of evenly spaced increasing in every other row of the first five rows, as a method experiment for fitting over hips. I wanted a subtle flair on the bottom so starting just a few rows before the color change there are also several rows of evenly spaced increases. This wound up giving pretty much the effect I wanted, which is cool, and it also makes the skirt really fun to spin and twirl around in. :)

brown and blue

This weekend was not a normal weekend, as plans got changed and cancelled for various reasons, so maybe a bit of boredom or just being stuck in the house, or maybe just a desire to make something else, led me to making the vest/tank, whatever you want to call it, below.

brown and blue 6

It’s a really simple top done in my favorite stitch and texture combo – Caron Simply Soft with triple crochet using an N-9.00mm hook (whoa, crochet nerd alert? Yes, yes I think so. But that’s just how it is :P)

brown and blue 7

And also, yay fringe!!! Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know. But I love it.

brown and blue 8

brown and blue 9

I think this top would look great over a dress.

This top was surprisingly hard to get decent pictures of, but I did have fun slowing down the shutter speed and catching some cool, albeit grainy, spinning pictures.

brown and blue 10

brown and blue 11

(How cool is the fringe in this one?)

brown and blue 12

Since we wound up going almost nowhere this weekend, I don’t really feel comfortable saying I wore these for much. I did wear the skirt out to get groceries with Tanner, but that was only for maybe an hour and a half tops, and I wouldn’t have worn it if I hadn’t made it, promised I’d wear it, and wanted to attempt that. haha. I didn’t really realize how silly it was to wear the skirt out for that short of an amount of time until it was already done. Oh well, I will probably wear these in the future for more involved occasions.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend, and God bless you through this week.

Navy Blue Tanktop: Faded Glory (old, but you can find plenty similar at Wal-Mart)
Crochet skirt: made by me
Grey Tanktop: No Boundaries
Crochet Fringe Top: made by me
Shorts: Beta House
Shoes: Faded Glory

Waters Wears: Brand New Shorts

brand new shorts 1

I got these shorts Saturday morning and was pretty excited about ’em. Still am, haha. I wore them to family bbqs on Sunday and Monday, and I won’t lie, I still want to wear them next time I go out, too. I’m having fun planning things to wear with them, since the waist has such nice detail and I want to show it off.

brand new shorts 2

brand new shorts 3

And I really like this shirt even though it’s the type of material that’s meant to wrinkle, which is fine with me, but I don’t know if it looks “on purpose” to other people. Haha. Oh well. It’s a really thin material which is nice for summer days, but it is pretty see-through so a tank or bralette of some sort is required under it.

brand new shorts 4

brand new shorts 5

I love that these shorts have a vintage style with the row of buttons, wide waistband, and cuffed hems. I also love the detail design on the waist. The shorts are not high-waisted but they’re not low rise, either. A nice middle ground that feels comfortable to me, a person who enjoys higher waisted pants rather than lowrise.

brand new shorts 6

I twisted my bangs back and pinned them with some flowered bobby pins I made years ago, soon after I’d started getting back into crocheting. I haven’t really worn them much the last few years but they held my hair back nice and tight this day. You can see that I was sort of tired this past weekend in these pictures, and that I’ve been having allergy troubles from my red-lined eyes. Nonetheless, still a good weekend.

brand new shorts 7

brand new shorts 8

Tanner had Monday off, so I took the day off, too. We slept in far, far longer than we usually do on the weekend and had a lazy day (well, I sleepily took these outfit pictures) before heading out for our second Memorial Day cookout at my Nana’s.

Shirt: Mossimo (old; passed over to me several years ago)
Tank (worn under shirt): No Boundaries (one with built-in bra)
Shorts: Beta House
Sandals: Faded Glory
Flower Pins: made by me
Necklace: gifted, I know it was bought through a fundraiser type thing, but I can’t remember the company name

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