Waters Wears: Bohemian Stripes


I wore this outfit a few weeks ago out with friends to eat sushi, followed by hanging out in a bookstore for hours. (Can we do this like, every weekend, please?)


I have mixed feelings about this dress. I love the stripes, the colors, but the way the sleeves are made – meant to have an oversized tee feeling – makes your shoulders seem broader than they really are, to me. But it’s comfortable, and has definitely been a great thing to have post-having baby to easily throw on.



Again, wearing my mother’s old necklace. A favorite I wear often.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day! God bless!

for friends fighting hard battles


for friends fighting hard battles

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

I wish I could give your heart peace.
I wish I could say or do something to make it better.
But I can only offer that I’m here – though I
 am a bitter, selfish, prideful person, I will try my
 best to be here for you – and I can carry your burdens with you.

Don’t keep it in, don’t feel like you can’t share. If
you open up and I ignore, forget, don’t understand
 the depth of your struggles, am not there in the
 ways you need, then the fault is with me, not
you, the things you’re going through, or the way
you’re feeling.

And if you want, if you don’t mind, let me make
an attempt, however imperfect or unpoetic, however
honest and real on my part, to tell you of the
One I believe CAN give your heart peace. Who
 can do something to make it better.

 Who carried your burdens long ago.

I am trying to remember this message, too, dear friend.
I am feeble, fickle, weak, and small. As I said, I am
a bitter, selfish person. I am full of fear, a worrier.

 Let us walk together toward Him, learn to lay
 our burdens down and sit at His feet.

Waters Wears: Fourth of July



I wore this outfit on the Fourth of July, which is also my husband’s birthday. His mom and stepdad took us out for lunch, and it was a lot of fun.



This is a new necklace. It was a birthday gift from my best friend, Kelsey. It’s lovely and sparkly, and it’s my favorite, a butterfly.


My husband took a few days off for vacation after his birthday, and the kiddo and I definitely enjoyed having him home with us for an extended holiday.

If you’re from the US, I sincerely hope you had a good Fourth. Much love, and God bless!

The Millicent Cropped Pullover Pattern


I’m so excited that this pattern is finally available in my shop, here!



It took me longer (much longer) than I’d planned to get this pattern ready and out, due to rereads, checking for clarity, and getting shots of it being worn, but yay, it’s done!



As you can see, the pattern features two versions of the top, one with a button lapel, and one without. You can also choose to roll or cuff the sleeves, or leave them uncuffed.

Hope you all enjoy! Please let me know if you decide to make this top, by either commenting here or tagging #waterswaresmillicent on Instagram!

A Note About Shop Emails

This is just a quick post to explain that I have not been receiving emails sent through my shop. The issue was not on Big Cartel’s end, and I think I have figured out what the problem was, but I SINCERELY apologize to anyone I have missed an email from. Please don’t hesitate to resend your messages! Thank you so much.

Wardrobe Plans


There are these things called capsule wardrobes (you’ve probably heard about them, as keeping one is a pretty popular thing right now), where you basically pare down your wardrobe into a set number of pieces of clothing, and sometimes accessories, that coordinate. The idea is that these pieces can mix and match and all work together, all while keeping you from buying items that don’t coordinate with anything else you own and/or may never be worn. While I don’t have a capsule wardrobe, I was inspired to sit down and figure out what colors, patterns, and types of items I like. I made the visual list you see above over a year ago. It’s proven handy when considering clothing items to buy, and also helped inspire the colors and patterns I use in my crochet designs.

To start, I listed colors that I like and gravitate towards/want to own more clothing in. Then, I listed a few colors that either I look good in or others tell me I look good in but don’t wear as often. After that, I listed patterns I like – florals, stripes, paisley – and a few specific items of clothing or accessories I’d like to wear more often but never think to, or want to have on my “to buy” list when I budget money for clothing.


Before my baby was born, I furthered this by making a plan for outfits I would wear after having the baby. It helped, and still helps, me to more carefully consider items when I’m out shopping, instead of just buying things because I like them.

As a work-from-home mom, for me, specifically, all items needed to fit the following criteria:

– easy to wear as a nursing mom
– comfortable for wearing around the house
– dressy enough that I could easily wear out to lunch with a friend/to look like an actual outfit and not just pjs

I started with a quick list of items that would work as a work/mom “uniform”, thenI made lists of items I had already and items I could be on the lookout for when shopping. I divided them by seasons (basically cold weather/warm weather).

– longer sleeved tops
– leggings
– nice pajama/lounge pants
– socks
– nice houseshoes
– nursing-friendly sweaters and cardigans

– tank tops, tees – some long and loose-fitting
– nice lounge shorts – loose, comfortable, nice enough to wear out
– sweatshorts
– lighter socks

Look For:
– v-neck tees, long-sleeved
– v-neck tees, short-sleeved (all long and loose)
– long, stretchy tank tops, lower necklines
– comfy, discreet nursing tops
– nice houseshoes
– lounge pants and shorts with pockets
– nursing bras and camisoles

Breaking things down like this really helped me to not be overwhelmed when shopping for nursing-friendly, postpartum clothing and still helps me when shopping now and am deciding on whether items are worth it by reminding me of colors and patterns I like. I’m starting to develop a wardrobe that I really like, with items that I pull out of my closet to wear often. I’d definitely encourage anyone to sit down and make their own lists.

Waters Wears: Flowy Blue


It’s been a WHILE since I’ve done an outfit post. ‘Bout time I get back to them. I love this top, and the other day I was able to wear it again since we had a colder day in the midst of summery temperatures.


It’s a pretty great shirt for breastfeeding, and can even kind of double as a cover, but I also just like how flowy and relaxed it is.




After having these Minnetonka boots and really liking them, I got these softsole ankle boots from them, and I think I might love them. I just love the way they look, and seeing what I can wear them with. I’ve not really been a fan of ankle height boots before once they’re on me, but these are super comfortable. Since they’re softsole, you do have to be careful wearing them if it’s raining, even if you’ve weatherproofed them, but I haven’t had any problems yet.

Waters Wares Pattern: The Collector’s Drawstring Bag


The pattern for this lovely drawstring bab is now available in my shop, here –

The Collector’s Drawstring Bag Pattern



I used to have the bag itself available for purchase in the shop, but I’ve been considering offering the pattern for a long while now. It’s a great easy/intermediate level pattern.

Dairy and Soy Free

dairy soy free cookies

Several months ago, I gave up dairy and soy for the baby, who has a milk protein allergy. We have had our suspicions since he was a few weeks old, but went through three doctors before finding one who actually believed in our concerns and looked at some of baby’s poop for blood. She could see it immediately. “Yep, that’s a milk protein allergy.” So nice after the previous doctor seemed to not believe us, and even told us that blood couldn’t be found in poop samples (we think he just thought we were new parents who didn’t understand normal baby fussiness was normal. Ugh.)

Thankfully, I finally fully gave up dairy and soy after we found brown flecks in his poop (I know this is a lot of poop talk, but that happens with babies, especially when there’s something up). Honestly, I knew I should have done so earlier, but we were trying to trust the doctor we were seeing at the time, and I was just plain being selfish after having a modified diet during pregnancy, and didn’t want to give up things like yogurt and cheese.

But now, baby is so much better! It’s been so worth it, and things are even better after knowing it’s a milk protein allergy for sure, like an affirmation that we knew what was up with our kid and that all our pushing to get it looked at wasn’t worthless.

So here are some things I’ve learned about eating dairy and soy free as an exclusively breastfeeding mom:

Note: Many babies who can’t handle milk protein also can’t handle soy protein, as they are similar,so as a precaution many moms, like me, choose to cut out both at the start.

1.) Fake butter? So good. Tastes pretty much the same as real butter, maybe just a bit sweeter.

2.) Fake cheese? No good. A sad, sad attempt at a cheese dupe. It’s like the makers are trying to imitate cheddar, specifically, but go a bit too intense with the flavor; dial the flavor strength back, and it might be better. I wouldn’t eat it on crackers, but in sandwiches or sprinkled on salads it at least gives you that similar texture without the powderiness being so obvious, since it’s simply an ingredient and not on its own. It’s also more cheese-like when melted, but even then it’s still better to have it as part of something such as a melt rather than the main ingredient, like in mac n’ cheese. I tried some fake mac n’ cheese, and it just made me sad.

3.) Eliminating dairy and soy can make grabbing a quick meal really hard, so thank goodness for Wendy’s. Not only do most of their breads not contain dairy or soy, their allergen menu is one of the most thorough I’ve seen, listing allergens for specific ingredients and not just whole menu items. (At this point I am still eating foods that may have been fried/grilled/processed, etc. in the same place as dairy and soy, as it seems baby’s allergy is not that sensitive. Some moms do have to give those things up, too.)

4.) Modifying recipes with dairy and soy free products is not so hard in most cases, such as the one for those chocolate chips cookies up there – soy free Earth Balance spread, dairy and soy lecithin free chocolate chips from Enjoy Life. In my experience, almond milk does not effect the taste of baked goods. Finding and trying dairy and soy free baked goods really helped with the transition during the first couple weeks; like, you can still eat yummy things! These brownies are particularly good (listen to her when she says to refrigerate them, it definitely makes a big difference).

5.) Soy lurks in EVERYTHING! You will most likely mess up and eat it several times without knowing. It’s frustrating, but it happens.

Waters Wares Pattern: The Livvie Cowl


I’ve been pretty MIA from blogging lately, as I’m working on patterns and spending time with my new kiddo, but here’s a little update – a new pattern!




You can find it in the shop here!

Even though I haven’t been very active on the blog since having the baby, I do post in-progress shots and little updates pretty regularly on Instagram, so check it out if you’d like. :)

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