Crochet Arsenal: Foundation Single Crochet

Crochet Arsenal is a series featuring crochet and yarn techniques, tips, and aids that will help take your crocheting to another level and make your crocheted items more seemless and professional-looking.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the wonderful Foundation Single Crochet Stitch! The Foundation Single Crochet stitch, or FSC, takes the place of a starting chain and first row of stitches. Along with making the start of a project go a bit quicker, the FSC is also significantly stretchier than a regular starting chain.

There are plenty of tutorials out there for crochet foundation stitches, but to get you started, here’s one from Crochet Spot for the Foundation Single Crochet. I like using their tutorials because their pictures flip when you move your mouse over them, allowing the tutorial to be seen right or left-handed. Which is nifty for us lefties, like me. ;)

While there are foundation stitches for each crochet stitch – single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, etc. – regardless of the stitch I’m using in an item, I’ve found I like to start with an FSC. In my experience, some of the taller foundation stitches tend to be a bit too stretchy, or loose, which doesn’t work well with clothing items and accessories.

Here’s a little pro tip for you. I also like to “trim” the edges of most clothing pieces with a row of single crochet to add a more finished look. FSC makes this go a little quicker. I do this by working my next rows not into the single crochet part of the FSC, like normal, but by working along the chain side, working each stitch OVER the chain and into the single crochet space.




An FSC stitch adds just the right amount of stretch for garments – not too tight like a regular starting chain or too loose like other foundation stitches. Think necklines, shirt and sweater hems, the hems of legwarmers and armwarmers, headbands, hat bands. You want these items to be sturdy but still easy to put on and take off, and all-around comfortable to wear.

I hope you’ll take the time to try out the Foundation Single Crochet in your crochet garments and accessories and see how you like it. And try out the other foundation stitches, as well. Maybe your experience with them will be different from mine. Either way, FSC is a nifty skill to have in your crochet arsenal. ;)

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2 thoughts on “Crochet Arsenal: Foundation Single Crochet

  1. Phyllis

    I love your pattern for the crown, I made the first one (blue) with no problem.
    The second one (gold )when i finished round three I ended with 2 of the( 3dc, 1 trb ch1 3dc)next to each
    other. I ripped out the row and started again and wound up with the same situation.
    I am making the starting chain 50, any suggestions

    1. Mindy Post author

      I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I have looked over the pattern again and again to see if I can figure out what is happening, but I am at a loss! The only thing I can think of to suggest is to make sure you are skipping 2 stitches where Row 3 indicates each time, maybe something is happening there. I will keep looking and trying to figure it out!


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